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The New York Optimist Featured Commercial & Residential properties.
Each week, we will bring you the hottest properties, We know some of you
saved your pennies and are ready to take on the real estate market.
One Hundred Park Ave
Computer Associates European Headquarters
Ditton Park, United Kingdom

The site dates back to 1086 when there was an entry in the Domesday Book, a record of
a survey of English land and landholdings made by order of William the Conqueror.  
Over the centuries, the property has passed down to various royal families.  Computer
Associates International� European Headquarters is a new structure within Ditton Park,
once connected to Windsor Castle via waterway.  All 18th century gardens, courtly
walls, gates and chapel remain on the site untouched.  

The 250,000 square foot European headquarters is a three-story transparent building,
composed of laminated and regular glass.  Within this significant historical site, it was
important that the building
Spector Group
The Hudson Valley is in a state of accelerated renewal. Considering most of this
pristine region is within a few hours of NYC and will work with most any budget, you
will have no excuse but to pamper yourself! Whether you go by Metro North railroad
www.mta.info/mnr), and/or hop on your bike when you arrive, you will find so much
to do so close to home. For a day trip or a weekend getaway, the Hudson Valley is the
place to be!
L'Institut Sothy's
Great Jones Spa
Kiva Retreat
Modular Architeture: Douglas Culter
The Three B's
Brooklyn, Beacon, Bethel..
What do all three cities have in common?
NewSeason, New Hope!
Is there a better time to
explore a new town,
"Max Brenner"
Chocolate By
"The Bald Man"
Max Brenner:
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The news of the week in architecture was the inauguration of the Auditorium Oscar
(http://www.fondazioneravello.it)  in Europe.
The project, designed in less than 3 months and detailed in 18 months, the Brazilian
architect in the town of Ravello spent 10 years involved in environmental and legal
controversy to be finally completed.
So much has happened to Mount
Airy since those heyday 70's! It
remains a pristine location, and
the Poconos is as beautiful as
ever. However, Mount Airy has
transformed itself into a full
resort and casino!
Regiane Yuki Sabanai
Lego Artist Marco Pece
Mai Autumn
Danny Leoni
Quality of Life Innovations from the
Columbia University Department of Surgery
Cosmetic SurgeryStaging of 'age maintenance'
procedures through adulthood provides superior results.
May 7th - May 14th 2010