The Black Door
Max Brenner:
“Some People think that Love is an overrated emotion”
And the euphoria and feeling produced by love can also be achieved
By consuming large quantities of chocolate
.If this is true then I know of
the perfect place where almost everything is made of,
Sweet Tooth- By J. Chase. New York Bakery and Cookie Shops
Do you like Art? Do you like a cocktail before dinner? Stop by the
Art Bar, and enjoy original art, and delicious cocktails
Come to the Black Door, in the center of Chelsea, New York
Have a Belgian beer, and pop into Lana Santorelli's Gallery
featuring her new exhibition,
"Falling Away".
The Cupping Room Cafe
Aroma Kitchen and Wine Bar
“Italian Food Equals Romance”

Italian food equals romance, and there is nothing more romantic than a
candle-lit Italian restaurant with soft lighting, background music, and
people enjoying delicious meals accompanied
by the perfect wine.
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Dining  - Night Life
Slate Restaurant Bar & Billiards

Neighborhood: Flatiron
54 W 21st St
(between 5th Ave & Broadway)
New York, NY 10010

(212) 989-0096
The interior design of our venue is sleek while
staying true to comfort and functionality. The
PLUS Lounge features restful sofas and oversized
plush chairs, creating a social, living-room
atmosphere. Adjacent to the lounge area stands a
wall-to-wall line of twelve foot doors, which when
opened, expose an intimate VIP lounge and dining
area we call the Studio. When the doors are closed
it appears as a wall with nothing beyond it and
allows the room to enjoy an entirely
different feel
for late night reveling.
Meatpacking District,
Chelsea 85 10th Ave
(between 15th St & 16th St)
New York, NY 10011
(212) 497-8090
384 Third Avenue
New York, NY 10016
Bet 27th and 28th Streets
Located in the center of SoHo (off the corner of West Broadway & Broome St)
One of the oldest & more classic restaurant in Soho (est. 1977)
Exposed brick walls, high tin ceiling, pot-belly stove & fresh cut flowers
Serving breakfast (7:30am), lunch & dinner
Open until 2am Friday & Saturday
Full liquor bar (special drink events every night)
Full coffee bar
Live music Wednesdays & Fridays
All desserts, breads & pasta are made daily on premises
All dishes are made to order
Monday and Tuesday Prix-Fix 3 course dinner $18.95
Whiskey Town opened on July 10, 2007 by 2 brothers,
George and Justin Ruotolo. Between them they have 15
years of New York Bar / Restaurant experience. They have
opened, operated or owned: The Vig Bar, Tribe, W8th,
PS450, Vig 27 and Punch and Judy. They ventured out on
their own to open a true East Village Bar, and Whiskey Town
was born.
The Vig's cozy and warm environment
is highlighted by its sleek interior.

Designed by SK Chow Design, this
intimate bar features a classic and timeless
element of style that heralds art deco and is
rich with detail.
Once you set foot into our restaurant You will be pulled into a world beyond your imagination...
25 Hudson Street New York, NY 10013
The other night I was in the city I had tickets for a Broadway show on 45th off of Ninth avenue and I
stopped into the Film Center Café. Greeted by the beautiful bartender Chelsea I asked her what her
specialty drinks were she made me a Scarlet Ohara which is a Bellini type drink mixed with blackberry
vodka Chambord and
champaign..... Film Center Cafe, 635 ninth Avenue Between 44th and 45th sdtreet
NY 10036 212-262-2525
Negril Village
Nu Caribbean Cuisine, 70 W 3rd St.
New York, NY 10012 Bet. Thompson & Lagaurdia T: (212) 477 – 2804

Negril Village, a stylish and chic Jamaican restaurant in the heart of the village, is like
escaping to the sultry and seductive island of Jamaica.  The manager, Clive, a tall and
handsome young man with a sweet combination of accent and manners, brought us to our
table and made us feel like right at home.  
Fish Tail the newest dining invention by David Burke specializes in a seafood  based menu that is
guaranteed to satisfy all lovers of these crustaceous creatures. My guest and I showed up at 7:30 and were
escorted to the best table in the house. the inviting decor
.with its striking red walls and warm lighting just added to the ambience,
Fish Tail is a seafood paradise on the Upper East Side 135 East 62nd Street, between Park and Lexington
Avenue New York, NY, 10065 212-754-1300.
Kyoto Style Japanese Restaurant
Beyond the sliding wooden gate, tucked away in the heart of Soho, on a quiet but hip
and trendy corner of Prince and Thompson streets, is Omen, an authentic Kyoto-style
Japanese restaurant that even the most highly trained Samurai's and Buddhist's would
appreciate. Omen has been here as long as I can remember.
113 Thompson Street Off The
corner of Prince st. PH: 212-925-8923
The New York Optimist was recently invited to Capsouto Freres, a beautiful French
restaurant located on a quiet corner of Washington Street in Tribeca.  The cobblestones that
line Washington Street and many others in Tribeca remind me of the time when Manhattan's
artists roamed free and lived on the island in affordable loft spaces. (While downtown
Manhattan is still home to many artists,
A little while back just as the summer was coming to a close, we had the
opportunity to partake in a elegant and upscale dining experience at
Whispers restaurant in Spring Lake, New Jersey.
Whispers is located
inside the historic Hewitt Welllington hotel, a beautiful Victorian building where
the lighting cast from the crystal chandeliers adorns the white linen table cloths
and silverware creating a classy yet
comfortable atmosphere to dine
732.974.9755 Hours: Open 7 Nights a Week Starting at 5:30pmhispers
Where else but places like New York City do you speak the secret password and
gain entry to a place where the drinks flow and the steaks are made to order?   At one time
Frankie and Johnnie's steakhouse was a speak easy where the password to get in was "Frankie"
and "Johnnie" was the reply for entry.
The Frenchtown Inn
7 Bridge Street – Frenchtown, NJ
We met with Chef Andrew's wife, Coleen Tomko, a beautiful young lady who knows how to
make you feel right at home. Her husband's menu is a combination of a number of different
dishes, many with a french twist. We started with a selection of divine patés which are
made on the premises: country paté, poultry paté, garlic sausage with a homemade
crusted waffle chip over top of a Liver Mousse, finished with toasted crustades and
Cumberland sauce. My entreé was beef tips,  cut from the finest selection of file
t mnon,
Mexican Radio
I wish I was in Tijuana eating barbequed iguana I'd take requests on the telephone im on a wave length
far from home,
Stan Ridgway sings in the song Mexican Radio  
well I sometimes feel the same way  - like im on a wave length far from home but when im in the mood for
some top notch mexican cuisine all I need to do is head to Soho in downtown NY
Lobster Roll  !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Its summertime and I don't know about
you but I get the same cravings every summer.
Is there anything better than a breezy summer evening on a boardwalk close to the beach overlooking the
ocean? Or just about anyplace that overlooks a large body of water.
Bhatti Indian Grill  is located on
the corner of 27th street and  Lexington Avenue
and the head chef and owner Gaurav Anand is certainly a master artist when it comes to
creating the finest in Indian cuisine.
The point I am trying to make is I am not a food critic. The idea is
actually abrasive to me. In my opinion, most critics are people who could
never actually get their chosen profession right but they have a flair with the
written word which allows them to go out to restaurants or films and cast their
"grand" opinions so that the masses have something to base their selections on.
And who am I to judge? That's my modus operandi. But If I am going to write
about a restaurant or a travel destination, then I am going to try to be honest
and forthright in sharing what an establishment has to offer.   
Tamarind of Tribeca and the Flat Iron district
has managed  to take  the best of fine Indian style cuisine
and create the perfect combination
of atmosphere and unique renditions on classic dishes like
Masala subtracted the chicken and added big juicy delectable pieces of lobster  and the result is like
being transported into a world of taste and design that is second to none.
This Restaurant is Just Plain fun!
Our stunning hostess Diane escorted us across the border
from Mexico through the kitchen nto Texas while explianing how this secret passage  
through each side of the restaurant was very popular back in the day.
It certainly made me feel like a special guest.  
The lights were low adding a nice calming feeling to the room set up
mainly with family sized tables. Tony asked if we wanted to have a look at
the menus but added that Ancora was known for it’s nightly off the cuff
specials which were arranged daily by Tony and his partner Elio Albanese.
Of course I asked if we should put the selection in his hands and in an
Italian accent he replied You better Believe it.
When the maestro taps his baton bringing the orchestra to attention he retains
concentration and confidence knowing that the music has been written and all that’s left
Is to bring the elements and instruments together to create a musical masterpiece.
Once again tapping into the subject what is art?
Circles Grill
Circles Grill
On my adventure through the many tastes of Bay Ridge, I have to feature my favorite restaurant by far
Circles Grill. A lot like visiting a country cottage this restaurant has one the most diverse selections of food
and more importantly my favorite foods on the planet.
Actually Circles has  brought new meaning to my favorite foods showing me new
combinations on classic sandwiches and wraps that I might have never stumbled upon if I were not a food nut.
Poultry steaks seafood and so much more.
Circles Grill 9023 Third Ave Brooklyn, NY 11209 718-748-7470
Bay Ridge Brooklyn
101 Restaurant & Lounge
Nestled right on the corner of  101 street and Fourth Avenue in Bay Ridge Brooklyn just steps away from the  
Verrazano  Bridge and promenade by the ocean, 101 Restaurant and Lounge was the last destination we had
the opportunity to sample on our tour of  Bay Ridge restaurants and lounges.  
This neighborhood is one of the best in the Burroughs for fine dining casual lounging
and of course pizza and just about any other food you could possibly imagine.
101 Restaurant & Lounge
10018 4th Avenue 11209 Bklyn, NY
Fushimi is not just a restaurant to have sushi or should I say a fusion of French Nouvelle and Japanese cuisine.
It is an experience alot like dining in a specialized restaurant resort for grown ups.
I am a huge fan of seafood and love sushi. It fascinates me how the serving of this treasure of the ocean has
been perfected to such a high level that you can eat it raw.The chefs that prepare this delicacy are
highly skilled
craftsmen using a razor sharp knife carving this fresh -  chilled at the perfect  temperature  - fish that can be so
tender it literally melts in your mouth. The sushi chefs at Fushimi work as a team creating more than just the  
average sushi roll.
Bay Ridge Brooklyn 9316 4th Avenue Brooklyn,  (718) 833-7788
Ristorante Vicolo
Just when I thought I had tried the best of the best in fine Italian cuisine
Especially the greatest calzone and pizza in New York which may not exactly classify as Fine Italian classic
fare but certainly wins the prize hands down every time in my book.
I am proved wrong again. Vicolo our newest culinary discovery located in whats becoming one of our favorite
testing grounds for new and fresh restaurants, which seem to
To be appearing like fresh flowers in the spring in this sleepy little town by the ocean.
Vicolo 8530 3rd Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11209 Telephone: (718) 833-0043
The Gateways Inn Restaurant and Inn
Our Lounge offers a uniquely inviting atmosphere. The newly
remodeled room, named The Garter after the Shakespearean
innkeeper Falstaff's establishment, (Henry 4th, Merry Wives of
Windsor), is filled with comfy couches, and of course, our
gorgeous baby grand. Through the doorway is our expansive,
custom built mahogany bar.
Our extensive wine list, for which we have received the Wine
Spectator's "Award of Excellence"
Throughout the week you'll find
amazing artists in the city's only
"audiophile space- with amazing
sound, sightlines great food and
design. In addition to our incredible
live shows here, Iridium also
The Iridium. 1650
Broadway 51st New York, NY .
Reservations (212) 582-2121.
The Lambs Club  
Before becoming The Chatwal New York and The Lambs Club Restaurant and Bar, this
iconic Stanford White-designed building was the epicenter of American for the 20th
century. The building originally opened in 1905 as home to the prestigious Lambs,
America's first professional theatrical club. Organized in 1874 by a group of actors and
enthusiasts, The Lambs occupied a series of rented quarters before settling at 44th
Street. The American club took their name from a similar group in London, which
flourished from 1869-1879, in the name of drama critic and essayist Charles Lamb
The Lambs Club 132 West 44th Street (btwn 6th Ave and Broadway) New York, NY 10036    
Ever since most of Chicago’s top musicians
moved to New York in the mid-to-late 1920s,
New York City has been the Jazz Mecca. Nearly
every major jazz style of the past seventy years
has been initiated in the Big Apple.  It was Charlie
Parker, familiarly known to his fans and fellow
musicians as “Bird,” a contraction of Yardbird,
his formal nickname,
Birdland 315 West 44th Street,
between 8th and 9th Avenues PH:  (212) 581-3080.
Brooklyn Nightlife
Union Hall is a 5,000 square foot bar,
restaurant and live music venue in the heart of
Park Slope, Brooklyn.  Painstakingly converted
from a warehouse, it offers cozy firesides, a
stately library, two indoor bocce courts,
outdoor garden seating, and a downstairs bar
and music venue.   Check out our music
schedule, our menu, and our beer and wine
Union Hall  |  702 Union Street,
Brooklyn, NY 11215  |  
(718) 638-4400  |
McSorley's Old Ale House has been a gathering place, a watering hole, the subject of art and
literature and even a supreme court controversy. Established in 1854 - McSorley's can boast of being
New York City's oldest continuously operated saloon. Everyone from Abe Lincoln to John Lennon
have passed thru Mcsorley's swinging doors. Woody Guthrie inspired the union movement from a
table in the front - guitar in hand, while civil rights attorney's Faith Seidenberg and Karen DeCrow had
to take their case to the Supreme Court to gain access. Women were finally allowed access to
McSorleyÕs in 1970! So belly up. Enter the sawdust strewn floors and history patched walls for a
trip back through time. Share the McSorley's experience with the spirits of 150 years!
Old Ale House 15 East 7th Street  New York, BY 10003 PH: 212.474.9148
Trace Restaurant
Mexican Restaurant & Lounge.
Delicious 4 star Mexican menu. The specials on the menu will knock your socks off.
Fresh Lobster Tacos, Seafood Bisque. Specialty drinks, thriving nightlife scene.
This restaurant is one of our favorites in this eclectic neighborhood.
Trace | 8814 3rd Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11209  (718) 921-9500
Ponte Vecchio
Ponte Vecchio has been  a staple of fine Italian cuisine in Brooklyn for over 35 years.
With our lateset total renovation, we continue to raise the bar in providing a superior
dining experience with our delicious appetizers, entrees, deserts, cocktails and a new
elegant decor to match. Join us for lunch, dinner a casual drink or your next affair and
you will be sure to have a meal and time to remember.    
Ponte Vecchio: 8810 4th Avenue Brooklyn NY, 11209 718-238-6449     
Lucky Jacks
Great Selection of Beers Imported and Domestic
Exciting atmosphere of young hip professionals artists film makers writers and the list of cool
down to earth patrons continues.
Specialty Cocktails friendly bartenders right in the heart of one of the hotspots in Manhattan
the LES Come to enjoy happy hour 7 days a week kick back and enjoy.  

Lucky Jacks 129 Orchard Street NYC
PH: 212-477-6555 Open Monday - Thursday 2PM - 4AM
Friday - Sunday 12PM - 4AM
"What A Taco"
Always  a pleasure to stop by my new favorite restaurant.
So many things that go into making anything your favorite - anything, don't you think?

Well when it comes to restaurants  - I have to say its the food.
And man when I like the food I always go back for more
I'm such a creature of habit and comfort. But its definitely a combination of the
food and the vibes......
What A Taco 8612 4th Ave Brooklyn, New York 11209  (718) 745-8226
Have you ever had one of those nights where everything just seemed to work out perfectly.
A few weeks back I was lucky enough to get a recommendation from a good friend who lives in
Manhattan and prides herself on knowing the best places to find the perfect cuisine all over town.
So naturally when she recommended that I try to write something about Brio restaurant the home
of famous chef Massimo Carbone I jumped at the opportunity to do so.
I met her on the Upper East Side on the corner of 61st and Lexington just as the cooler October
weather was a welcome change to the more strange and unpredictable weather conditions of the
end of the summer.
Raymi Peruvian Kitchen & Pisco Bar
43 West 24th Street New York, NY 10010  Tel. 212.929.1200
Have you ever been so excited about food that its all you can think about?
I mean actually waking up in the morning and thinking I can’t believe how delicious  that em panda was
last night at dinner.
I am often excited about food, am I a foodie? Well I guess so, because food plays a major role in  my life
and based on all the weight loss and  exercise programs out there I have a feeling I am not the only one.   

I was awakened by the thought of the taste of mozzarella, not your average pizza topping mozzarella but
the taste of a smoky blend of spices that almost rendered this obviously
high quality mozzarella
Ho'Brah on Facebook
Ho'Brah - Taco Joint
Taking a slight detour from our regular coverage of Manhattan restaurants where we will
of course continue to bring you the best of the best that this city has to offer. We have
decided to explore the Burroughs that surround the powerful little island we like to call part
of our hearts  and home.  I think at this point everyone in this city knows that Brooklyn has
become the number one contender when it comes to fine dining, art, music and all the
cultural gems that make the big apple so sweet............
Ho'Brah - Taco Joint        8618 3rd. Avenue, Bay Ridge, NY 11209  - 718-680-TACO
Park Slope Brooklyn
For people who eat vegan or kosher, or both, it's not always easy to enjoy tasty Latin dishes, but a one-of-it's-kind restaurant in Park Slope is changing that.
The V Spot is a vegan restaurant specializing in Latin cuisine that is Kosher certified under IKC Kosher. We serve delicious meatless and dairy-free dishes that use
traditional Latin seasonings, like adobo & sazon made from scratch. Instead of meat, we use our homemade seitan, which is wheat-based, full of protein but
doesn't contain any carbohydrates. Our menu is full of flavor, cholesterol-free & no animals were harmed in the making of your dish.  We also offer gluten-free
options such as Kale Tostadas or our Quinoa Curried Kale. If you have a sweet tooth you can try one of our soy milkshakes, fresh vegetable juice, fruit smoothies
& vegan desserts. ​Our empanadas are famous through out New York City......... PH: 718.928.8778 VSPOT - 156 5th avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11217
The Wicked Monk
Bay Ridge Brooklyn, NY 11209
Telephone: 347-497-5152 Email:

Lobster!! Lobster!! Lobster!!
Its summertime and I have gone Lobster crazy!!!
I don't think I could have found a better place to grab some ice cold beer and dine on some of the
tastiest and most
succulent lobster that I have had in some time.......
Williamsburg Brooklyn
Opened in 1999, Pete's Candy Store continues as Williamsburg's original live music venue. Featuring acts such as Will Oldham, Beth Orton, Devendra
Barnhart and Norah Jones, this small venue and neighborhood tavern developed an early reputation for special shows and rare treats.  The storefront at 709
Lorimer Street in Brooklyn has been in operation since the 1920's, when the grandfather of the current building owners ran a local general store, known
affectionately by the nickname Funzi's. By the 1970's, Funzi handed over the reigns to others, one of whom, Pete Caruso, named the spot Pete's Candy Store. By
that time, the store had evolved into a sort of greasy spoon diner and neighborhood numbers joint......
Petes Candy Store: Williamsburg  709 Lorimer St Brooklyn, NY  11211  718 302-3770      
Oficina Latina quietly opened its doors in October, 2010 in New
York’s Nolita neighborhood (on Prince Street between Mott and
Elizabeth Streets), and it’s offering up some seriously hearty, authentic
fare influenced by stops along the Pan-American Highway, which
originally ran from Monterrey, Mexico, all the way down to Argentina.  
The brainchild of owners Max Busato and Paolo Votano along with chef
Abraham Trinidad, it’s designed with largely reclaimed items to give it the
look of a 1950s-era stop along that very highway. The tin ceiling is from
the 1920s, lights are from an old mechanics garage, tables and chairs are
all vintage, and the restaurant’s centerpiece, a 14-foot L-shaped bar, is
made of white tile and reclaimed wood.
Oficina Latina: 24 Prince St. New York 10012 Tel - 646 3812555

In the heart of the Theater district or what many New Yorkers call Hells Kitchen
Is a restaurant called Stecchino, which translated in Italian means the thin man.
And I am sure that it’s possible to remain trim and fit especially when the food is
healthy and well prepared.  But when the food is top of the list fine dining and
extremely affordable based on the level of quality preparation and freshness who
wants to watch calories? The funny thing is I have not had the chance to try the
food yet at Stechinno. Then how do I know? Well there a few tricks to getting a
good feeling about the food in a restaurant before trying it.
212 - 397- 2377  - 765 9TH AVE BTW 51ST & 52ND
Sancho's Fine Cuisine Of Spain
Sanchos Restaraunt -7410 3rd Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11209
(718) 748-0770
Imagine stepping back in  time to a place where men were gentlemen and
women were kind and courteous, Caballeros and Senoritas gathered together in
the town square to attend elegant events in the finest capes and corsets
bedazzled in jewels that sparkled in the fading light of dusk.
This is a mood a feeling, an atmosphere where one feels formal
and relaxed all at once....
Littlefield is a performance and art space in Brooklyn’s Gowanus neighborhood.
Housed in a 6200-square foot textile warehouse dating from the 1920s, Littlefield merges the Gowanus’
industrial past with a sustainable future. These elements include a landscaped interior courtyard, sound walls
and ceilings formed from recycled rubber tires and cork, respectively, bar and table tops built from salvaged
bowling alley lanes, and chairs made with recycled cork. Future projects include a grey-water system and a
landscaped roof that will reduce Littlefield’s footprint to virtually zero.
Littlefield | 622 Degraw Street, Brooklyn, NY 11217
About Jules Bistro
A taste of Boulevard St. Germain on St. Mark’s, Jules Bistro has captivated diners since 1993
with its amber coziness, nightly live jazz and authentic French bistro cuisine.

I was greeted by the manager I believe his name is George, a good looking well dressed
gentleman with an accent that was a cross between French and Israeli.
Welcome to Jules he said with a shy grin and then began to escort me to a table, I mentioned I
would like to start at the bar to get a feel for the crowd milling about this intimate bistro.
The bartender was gorgeous and had a French accent which I later found out was
Czechoslovakian she was sweet.....
Jules Bistro 65 Saint Marks Pl, New York City, NY 10003 Phone: 212-477-5560
Cherin Sushi
After visiting an artist’s studio in The East
Village recently I decided to explore The vast
selection of restaurants this town is famous for.
Sushi was on my mind. It was dinner time but
I had a long night ahead of me and the idea of
anything that might be too  filling just made me
think that the light and satisfying flavors of
fresh seafood and sake would be  the
perfect choice
Cherin Sushi: 306 E. 6th St., New York, NY
Campania Coal Fired Pizza
We specialize in Italian specialties such as meatballs, sausage and peppers, fried calamari, fresh
mozzarella (made daily) and many more. We use only the freshest and finest ingredients.
Campania:  9824 4th Ave Brooklyn, NY 11209 PH: 347- 517- 4868
Is Bowery Electric all Ages? All events are 21+ unless otherwise specified on the website.  Do I need to bring my ID? Valid government ID is required
for ALL shows.  What time do you open and how much is it to get in? The upstairs bar opens for Happy Hour at 5:00 PM everyday Monday through
Sunday. Most of the time there is no cover for shows in The Map Room or entry to the upstairs bar.  The cover for the downstairs venue varies depending
on the show. There is never a cover for the weekend dance party, however we strongly suggest making a reservation to guarantee admittance.  How do I
get tickets to your shows?     
 The Bowery Electric 327 Bowery New York, NY 10003 (212) 228-0228
Founded in 2007, Nanoosh’s Mediterranean restaurants serve authentic hummus, wraps, salads
and soups made from fresh, organic all-natural ingredients in a casual yet chic environment.
nanoosh we have a deep and abiding belief in the power of food to help us live healthier and
more fulfilling lives. In fact thats why we concentrated on New Mediterranean food and serve
them with a modern twist. We use fresh organic all natural ingredients in our recipes bringing
you an unprecedented fusion of flavors, taste and pure deliciousness.
We serve really delicious food thats good for guests our communities, and our environment.  
Fontana's is located astride Chinatown and The LES (105 Eldridge St b/w Grand & Broome) We are one of the most
spacious clubs downtown, housing 3 separate and distinctive levels with 3 bars - 2 on the main floor and 1 in the
basement. We are open seven days a week from 2pm until 4am and we NEVER CHARGE A COVER AT THE FRONT
DOOR.  We also have a ample lounge-style seating and table space, pool table, large projector screen for movie viewing,
HDTV flat screen for sports, free WIFI, photo booth, table top Ms. Pacman/Galaga, and a jukebox stocked to rock.  
There is a live music & performance area downstairs which also has DJ and private party capabilities.
Check the LIVE MUSIC CALENDAR for show listings.
Fontana's is located astride Chinatown and The LES (105 Eldridge St b/w Grand & Broome)
Phone: 212-334-6740