The New York Optimist
January 2009
Selda Baskaya Fashion Focus 2009
Fashion Focus 2009.

A new year has come once again ready for people to motivate themselves and leave behind the sorrows of 2008.
Everything seems rosy. However, in the world of fashion things aren't that simple.  Designers have already started on
their 2010 creations but now the only thing that seems to interest us are the designs that we love from the 2009 Winter

I know young people got black and white Ray-Ban fever, but this year we are seeing people going for eye-catching
vibrant versions of the classic and eternal wayfarer series.
Skinny jeans are still in, but those low-risers have made way for higher waisted cuts and are set to last, so go and grab a
pair! In this way you will appear taller.  If you really want to be a fashion icon this year then opt for wide-legged jeans.  
The choice is yours.....

For a long time we've been carrying around huge purses because we didn't want to leave anything at home, but this year
they've been shrunk.  The smaller and chic style of bag will compliment whatever you wear and go with this year's vivid

Once again tartan shirts have captured people's imagination.  Red,blue or green it doesn't matter as long as it's tight-
fitting, so go and buy!

We know that platforms elevate us, but this year rounded flapper-style shoes are a must especially those ankle-boot
versions and of course in-keeping with those lively coloured finishes as well.
If sportswear is more your style you should definitely check out Nike's Dunky range.

If you want to look feminine and uber-sexy then you should try over-the-knee stockings which are popular this year.

This year bodies are over-flowing with accessories so don't just wear one stack'em high with four or five pieces!  
Touches of R&B will give a fun look to it all.

So,you like to wear make-up?  Say ''good bye'' to it because a natural face is in with just a bit of mascara and lipstick.  
As for hair,  short styles are set to be a big phenomenon.  

Whatever you choose from this year's selection make sure you put your stamp on it.  

So good luck with your new wardrobe from me here in Istanbul (Turkey),
Selda Başkaya .