The New York Optimist
October 2008
Selda Baskaya

I was born in Istanbul, in 1982. I bought my first camera in 2002 and started
taking photos. Upon finishing my academic studies in photography in 2003 I
started working for various photographers as their assistant.
I, then, began a freelance career with my photos having been published in many
fashion and music magazines. I also work as a fashion editor and I write fashion
articles for a variety of online and printed magazines. .My plans for the future
include publishing my own photonovels and exhibiting my works in as many
galleries as possible...
Contact information
Web Sites:
Location: Istanbul, Turkey
About me:

I am a portrait and fashion photographer.I like sleeping a lot and
watching animes (invader zim). I love to hang around with my
friends but some times I like spending time alone and having a
coffee. People usually tell that I am an hyperactive person and have
a self discipline at the same time. I totally agree that and do you
know what? I love myself so much. Hence: My life is so beautiful...
(Tant Que je n'ai pas de fille je suias la meilleure)
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