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Body Image- "Love Handles"-Ellie Robyns

The Reasons why they are called "Love Handles":

If the pretty, pouchy area around your hips and stomach are called "love handles", why do most women HATE them so

In that case, they should be called HATE Handles, but they are not! And for good reason!

Most of us write, use and speak words without thinking about their implication. Women say it all the time "I HATE my
LOVE Handles!"  Hello, this is a true oxymoron! I would rather LOVE my HATE handles~

And why are they called "handles?"Do they open cabinet or car doors?

If it is so hard to get a "handle" on your love handles, no matter how hard you diet and exercise..why not call them hate
hips, or love layers?

In reality, the best way to physically curtail these "handles" is through a consistently proper diet and exercise regimen. You
do not have to go crazy or put too much focus on this one area, these "love handles" are really a function of and connection
to your entire core area. Abdomen, hip flexors and nearby muscles and tissues.

To that extent, one should really NOT be trying to get "rid of" this area, because a) it will never happen entirely and b) for
safety and health sake, these "handles" provide the proper cushion for your surrounding organs and to prevent you from
"breaking a hip."

It is so funny to me, that in many cultures, a woman who has "curves", "hips," "caderas," etc.. is considered to be a "real"
woman. A sexy woman, a woman who cares for herself. Starving oneself to remove these "love handles" is only showing
self hate, not LOVE. Again how ironic, yet sadly enough, how common it is in american/western culture to think this way
about our bodies. To think that thin is in and that regardless of one's individual shape, so many women over exercise or
have false notions and what their bodies should look like.

We have come a long way and those images in media and in society are improving, but we still have a long way to go!
It is especially important for teachers of girls as young as elementary age, to properly discuss body image. To give these
girls and young women a venue and a chance to share their thoughts about health and image and to be open to change and
to positive role models.

Not just the anorexic models in magazines or on the runway. Girls have so many other role models, but most are not
exposed to those women, until after their body image is internally defined by the mass production of these negative media

Images of strong women in politics, film and business. Women who are successful and smart but also portray healthy and
average physical shapes. The "average" woman is a size 12-14!!! That is right, I said size 12-14, NOT size 2-4!

On the home front, it is equally important for mothers to show their daughters that it is ok to be unique and not have to
conform to all societal norms when it comes to body shape and size. I know this is challenging in today's society.
However, since there is such a strong connection between the mind and the body, if more parents concentrated on their
children's scholastic and communal achievements, they WILL actually be healthier in every way. A healthy mind, begets a
healthy body. When you are happy and active from a young age, you tend to just eat better and have a more positive self

While everything sounds easier in theory vs. practice, it is essentially about starting early in life. And it is NEVER to early to
start promoting healthy body images, through positive reinforcement, healthy eating and ultimately with a sense of humor!

Why? because if we cannot LAUGH at ourselves, then we will surely have a very hard time laughing at the challenges that
women have historically faced and will continue to face in this life.

Live, Love your Love Handles, and laugh!