Crash Mansion
Where the Vampires Live
A story about Live NY Music
venues and other Strange
Ok close your eyes…
Are they closed?
All right now imagine that you are about to enter the lair of a vampire, or some guy that you
met who owns a nightclub and has asked you back to his apartment for drinks. Seriously
these vampires exist and they are usually the guy who owns the cool and dark nightclubs
that showcase live music from all over the world.

New York is famous for places like this and I have to admit I love them.

I have heard some of the best music by live bands in clubs like these.
Some time ago in the late 90’s I went to see a guitarist named
Joe Satrianni perform his
album Surfing With The Alien an all instrumental solo piece that went platinum and was in
the top 20 of Billboards top 200 list. The show was at
The Bottom Line a small intimate live
music venue in the Washington Square park area in the village.
I saw the show advertised in the Village Voice and went on a whim with my brother who is
also a guitarist and we had a table right in front of the stage.
Joe who is known for his incredible guitar skills and who has trained such guitarists
Steve Vai and Kirk Hammet, was in top form. From start to finish Joe rocked the
small room of maybe 100 people or less
and completely blew my brother and I  away.
Every harmonic he pinched from his Ibanez was like a cry of joy that blasted us out of our
seats sailed across the room like a lightning bolt, but the best was yet to come.
At the end of his set which was met with a standing ovation, Joe Satrianni announced he had
a friend that wanted to come out and sing a song for the audience
Mick Jagger then shimmied onto the stage and they played the best version of Red House
Jimi Hendrix that I have ever heard. After seeing Mick Jagger live on stage right in front
of my face perform this classic blues tune by Hendrix , I was a fan for life.
This was a real entertainer and he hypnotized that small club in the village that night, and this
was a show I went to see based on ad in the Village Voice.           
I am exaggerating a little when I refer to nightclub owners as being like vampires mainly
because its so much fun and its not far from the truth, but many lounges bars restaurants
and other venues that showcase live music from Jazz to Punk rock all over the city are well
worth looking into if you want to experience music up close and personal. Bella Saona and     
The Fire and Reason performed another tight set
At the
Crash Mansion another live music  venue on
the Bowery off the corner of  Spring Street.
This is definitely where Dracula spends his weekend’s, the dark candle lit venue is perfect
for luring your prey to dinner, or you could have dinner at one of the great restaurants
within walking distance of the club and then head back to the Crash Mansion and give your
girlfriend a hickey. Then there is Lit another awesome club to see live music and spread the
wings of your cape as you boogie down to the host of many new and talented bands. But
wait the list continues there is:

(212) 996-0660
328 Lenox Ave
(125th / 126th)
This world famous soul food restaurant also serves up a jazz brunch every Saturday with
Lonnie Youngblood. Every Sunday  they have a historic Gospel brunch.  Music on
weekends is from 12:30 - 4:00.  Please call for further details.

Terrace In The Sky
(212) 666-9490
400 West 119th Street
(Amsterdam Ave / Morningside Drive)
Reservations suggested for guaranteed seating.  Sky Grille & Cash Bar. No Cover!
Live music 7:30PM - 9:30PM every other Tuesday.  Great looking venue with rooftop
seating and jazz offered from time to time, mixed in with other styles of music.   ”Jazz in
the Sky” produced by

The Lenox Lounge
(212) 427-0253
(124th / 125th Sts.)
Recently renovated to its 1930's art deco splendor. The Zebra Room in back with its baby
grand piano, tiled floors and leather banqueted booths is one of the finest looking jazz spaces
in town. Local jazz legends booked on weekends with a $20 cover charge and 1 drink
minimum per set. The 3 Sets are 9:00, 10:30 and 12:00.  $10 cover and 2 drink minimum
for Monday night jam session with Patience Higgins and the Sugar Hill Jazz Quartet who
start the first set at 9:30, with the jam following and heating up till 2:30 AM.   Call ahead for
Tuesday bookings. Wednesday features the remarkable Nathan and Max Lucas quartet (2
drink minimum/no cover) from 6:30-11:00. There is no cover for Thursday Blues and R &
B sets, but there is a 2 drink minimum – music from 8:00-12:00.  Sundays vocal jam
session gets cooking at 7:00 PM and and goes till 11:00 PM, carrying a $10.00 cover charge
and 2 drink minimum.  Southern style cooking from Tuesday thru Sunday -- restaurant
serving from 5:00 PM.

Apollo Theater
(212) 531-5300 X 305 for info
(212) 749-5838 for box office
(212) 531-5337 for tour
253 W. 125th St.   
( 7th / 8th Aves.)
The Apollo doesn't book much jazz these days.  The legendary Wednesday  Amateur Night
is still a strong draw though.  Harlem Song is a Broadway style musical that was recently
running in the Apollo featuring the musical legacy of Harlem.  A renovation has just been
completed, which should help restore the Apollo to its deserved legendary status.

So grab your cape jump in a horse and buggy and  find out more great places to experience
live music. Just log on to The New York Optimist and find our music venue selections of
the week.
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