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The New York Optimist
-Tito Gargamelli
-Born : 09/09/1972-
-Hometown : Fossombrone-PU-Italy
-Rule: artist (self made)
-About art:
I started painting at the age of 14 and I never stopped. I prefer to
work on landscapes, figurative woman portraits and tribal abstract
compositions, I find inspiration from my travelling in India , Africa,
Indonesia.I usually use oil colours.
Two years ago I started to use digital a photo camera and digital art.
It was a great revolution in my work.
I think my art is a way to keep in touch with the spirit of the life
and a way to find a meaning of my own life.
I didn't care about the commercial aspect Of his work, it's like a
religion or a philosophy, that can remains out of the money rules.

Chriscilla A. Teachout.
I was born November 30, 1978. I live in Kitty Hawk, NC
I am a self taught artist, who works in many mediums. Painting,
sculpture, digital photography, and digital art.
Reflections_thought bubble
The ancient beauty is coming out again as the real light,from the dark of the ignorance,
all the human race can see her power now,
naked and free as every reality is.
The new vision of the world is growing in minds
like a sane and irresistible desire
and the dance of the goddess
will give you the time to play the music of your children.
The knowledge is our food, we produce it from the respect of all creatures,
and we want to save the nature because
we want to live better without killing the Earth.
A new revolution is arriving from the underground like a fresh water
all you can feel the meaning of the new possibility.
We are humans and we must protect the Earth.
This is our mission.
Believe in the mother and follow the father example,
believe in the goddess and follow her lovers,
believe in life until you die.   
The Animism Project is what you are viewing. It is a collaboration of photography and digital art shared between Tito Gargamelli, and Me. The act of creating
is very sacred to me. It is also very spiritual. Each piece helps me better understand myself, and the world we live in. Working with Tito heightens these
spiritual journeys on many levels... He is the male, I am the female... He is the darkness, and I am the light... Together, we balance the past, the present, and
the message of the future. We seek truth, purity and wisdom to understand and explore the mysteries of life, and to lift the veil we have been blinded by. Art
itself is a language. A profoundly spiritual, but also extremely common means of communication. I started out with basic college rule note paper and a number
2 pencil. With these tools, I taught myself basic human proportion and shading. I slowly graduated to Acrylic paint and canvas, and began to explore the world
of digital art and enhancing photos... This is where my journey with Tito began. We soon discovered that although we didn't speak the same language or even
live on the same continent, we spoke the same language with our art... The pieces became our conversation, of our current global evolution, politics, religion,
sex, and war. More importantly they became messages of hope and new direction... Resurrection and unity through diversity. Animism is the earliest known
word to describe soul. There is so much that I think and feel about these pieces, but it is hard to convey those thoughts and ideas in a letter... hopefully you
will understand... And I believe that pieces themselves do a better job than words ever could