The New York Optimist
June 2008, Vol. 01: Issue 01

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The Fire and Reason
NME (The Toxic Avenger Remix)
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Rolling Stone News Break
Sugar Koma
Her Evil
Upcoming Shows

Jun 5 2008 8:00P
TOUCH, New York, New York

Jun 13 2008 8:00P
CRASH MANSION, New York, New York

Jun 14 2008 6:00P
Bronx Underground @ FLC, Bronx, New York

Jun 27 2008 8:00P
CRASH MANSION, New York, New York
Now its Time for a Real Live Rock and Roll Experience
I was able to preview Bella Saona and her music on Face book and
after viewing her page, I knew her invitation to see her live would not
be disappointing.  Bella Saona’s free download EP, titled Shut Up and
Dance may be a hint well taken

If your one of those people who gets nervous around gorgeous
voluptuous women and, end up talking too much without really
having much to say. But don’t get discouraged, most men would
probably be a little intimidated by a creature so beautiful and talented.
Based on a sliding scale of emotions its hard for me to dictate what
mood I am going to be in from one moment to the next but I was
lucky enough to be in a low key observational relaxed mood this past
Tuesday evening as I entered Lit Lounge, a Rockin live music venue
in the east village located on 93 Second Avenue.  Good thing to
because when I met Bella Saona, I was blown away not only by her
looks, which may I say are exceptional but by her warm and
welcoming personality."John Sebastian!", she greeted me with a
warm hug and a kiss on the cheek and then I introduced Stephan
Fowlkes, who is always a complete gentleman. Bella is a New Yorker
who was raised in Brazil and Paraguay and she has an exotic mixture
of backgrounds, part Israeli part Italian and very much a woman.

I ask her how long she has been writing and singing music and she
says that she has been writing songs since before she was born and
im inclined to believe her, based on the killer set her and her band The
Fire and Reason performed that night at Lit Lounge it was surprising
because when she got on stage and started her performance I was in
the back room of the lounge which is famous for its steel engraved
table by famous artist HR Giger, having a discussion with Stephan
Fowlkes about art or something and the music playing I thought was
a DJ playing a record then I realized that this might be Bella and
ventured into the main stage area and sure enough it was Bella.  The
Fire and Reason ensemble is made up of, lead vocals, Bella Saona.
Guitars, computer beats, turntables by the bands producer Steve
Narvaez and base player Lee Greeman.

The first song they performed couldn’t be tighter.
If you labeled the sound it would be probably be called an electro
band. But some of the songs also had a retro 80s feel to them
especially the track, "It Starts With One", a song about how the
experiences of your past can teach you how to proceed into your
future and just keeping the faith. The live dance groove pumped
through me and Stephan who was now dancing and getting down to
the music, as I also took the opportunity to get my groove on to the
other songs in the set, Sugar Koma, NME, The Toxic Avenger, and
Her Evil. Bella also a professional model and her band, The Fire and
Reason are still free agents so music industry people better act fast
because the big labels are already knocking down the doors to sign
this original and talented group of musicians.
Sample the free EP we have listed here in the article - grab your
girlfriend and then, Shut Up and Dance!!!
Questions about The Fire and Reason or Bella Saona? Email me
'The Queen of the
The Fire and Reason formed in the summer of 2005 by Bella
Saona and Steve Narvaez. Originally conceived as a 2 person
band ala the Kills, White Stripes, they expanded to a Four
piece Rockband. Touring the world and self releasing a
critically acclaimed EP.

Fast-forward to 2008 they are now a 3 piece electronic
group, going back to their roots, of Dance and Beats.
Recording their latest EP with Jimmy "MOD" from the band
Elefant they are returning to the place they started. Drrty
beats with Hot Vocals and Sexy vibes.
Download the EP
Shut Up, Dance
The Fire And Reason on Facebook