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"I, Daughter of Kong"

Exhibition Open:
Saturday, May 2 to Sunday, May 10;
12 noon–7pm
Artists Reception:
Friday, May 8, 6–9pm; performances: 7:30pm

Project Space, Lower Manhattan Cultural Council
125 Maiden Lane, 2nd Floor

Lara Allen assembled an exhibition based on a contemporary myth, the previously unknown existence of the love-child of King Kong
and Fay Wray, a being born part starlet and part gorilla... I, Daughter of Kong.

The exhibition includes work from the I, Daughter of Kong collective, an ongoing group of collaborators who address the scientific and
societal impact of a being whose existence inevitably calls into question our assumptions about human and animal rights, feminist
theory, the history of media and the very nature of nature.

Artists included in the exhibition are: Adam J. Ansell, Anna Betbeze, Matt Borruso, R. Crumb, Georganne Deen, Per Frykdahl, Amy
Hicks, Cornelia Jensen, Alexis Karl, George Kuchar, Matthew Lusk, Kyp Malone, Jason Mecier, Cynthia Mitchell, Baker Overstreet,
Pablo the Chimp (courtesy of Darby Bannard), Duke Riley, Suzanne Rogaleski, Shadow, Christine Shields, Anjali Sundaram & Jade
Townsend. Soundtrack by Craig Ventresco.

Performances by Lone Wolf (Ryan Sawyer) & Cub (Suzanne Rogaleski), and Lara Allen.

For more information: