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“Express Your Love Everyday”

By:  Nina Mistier

Love is a powerful emotion; it transmits amazingly positive messages throughout your body, along with happy
chemicals which trigger happiness, health and a sense of well being.  When we feel these things, more of it is drawn to
us.  The classic example is when a single person finds love and feels so good being in this loving relationship, all of a
sudden everyone is drawn to him/her.  They always say “where was everyone before the relationship”?  The reason for
this sudden draw is that person is now giving off love, confidence and happiness which draws more of it to him/her.  
Before the relationship he/she may have felt lonely, sad, unhappy or unloved which was also being drawn to him/her.

The more you feel love, the more love you will feel.  The more alone you feel, the more alone you will feel.  Seek out
opportunities to feel love at least once everyday.  Look at the people in your life who give you love; your child, mother,
father, grandparent, aunt, uncle, cousin, niece or nephew, friends, pets, coworkers and significant others.  Be grateful
for the love they give to you.  Love can be expressed in small gestures like a true smile, a cup of coffee, a healthy
snack, a kind word, a pat on the back, a listening ear, remembering your birthday or some occasion.  Be grateful that
you mean enough to that person for him/her to make you a priority for even a moment.  We are all very busy, but in
order to find balance and well being in our lives, we must take moments throughout the day to notice the important
people in our lives and feel grateful for their love.  When you do the love becomes stronger, when you don’t the love
becomes weaker.  Remember, whatever you feed becomes stronger and whatever you starve becomes weaker.  We
have the gift of choice every moment of every day.  You can choose to change the course of your day RIGHT NOW
by choosing the thoughts you wish to feed.  There are approximately 60,000 thoughts that pass through your brain each
day.  They are habitual thoughts that you may have felt you had no control over, but you do.  You can erase the old
messages that do not fit your life and replace them with new ones that will bring what you want.  It takes a little effort,
but it is truly worth it to be happy.

Thoughts that emit love create an atmosphere of receiving love and good things.  It behooves us all to put a little effort
into thinking and feeling loving thoughts.  If you think about it, the concept is really simple; feel good, think good
thoughts and more good things will come to you.  The same holds true if you think bad thoughts, focus on fears and
negative outcomes, unfortunately, they will come to you, as well.  I think people have difficulty with these concepts
because it challenges our notions of religion and the concept of good and evil.  We think if we are good people, good
things should happen to us, but then why are there so many books about why bad things happen to good people and
only the good die young?  Being a “good” person is not enough, we must feel good and strong and emit the good feeling
out to the world.  If you think of yourself as a good person, but live with a victim’s mentality, you will bring more
situations into your life where you feel victimized.  If you emit a powerful energy and feel strong and safe, that too is
what you will receive.  These rules of physics do not challenge the rules of religion.  If you believe that you are safe and
you pray it is the same principle.  When you ask to receive something or heal someone, you are visualizing those things
coming to pass and are putting out an energy to make those things happen.  It is the same principle.  

Positive attracts positive, negative attracts negative.  It requires the same amount of energy to give up and be miserable
as it does to be happy and enjoy life!  Choose to be happy!

Nina Mistier is a Holistic Counselor, College Instructor, Yoga Instructor and mother who holds a Master of Science
degree in Counseling Psychology, Counseling Supervision, Bachelor of Science in Psychology, Yoga Certification,
studies Evergy Psychology, Positive Psychology, Nutritional Studies and Holistic Healing.
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