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“Choose Happiness!”

By: Nina Mistier

Today is the most important day of your life!  It is because it is the only day you have control of.  Yesterday is over,
tomorrow is not here, but today is the day you can choose; do I want to be happy or not? You can choose to be happy or
sad, angry and disappointed.  So what will it be?  Choose to be happy!

We have a tendency to think happiness is out of our control.  We awaken in the morning and think, I hope today is a good
day, but what if you don’t wish for it and make today a good day.  Tell yourself today will be a good day and make it so.  
Whatever happens, good, bad or indifferent, make a choice to remain happy and not allow anything to bring you down.

Today, you may be with family, friends or alone, so choose to enjoy the day and contribute to making it a good and
memorable one.  We do things out of habit; our thoughts are habitual, our feelings are habitual, even our family get
togethers and interactions are habitual.  If you change something inside yourself, you will change the dynamics of your
interactions.  You can never control other people, but you can control your reaction to them.  People who are kind and
respectful to others are generally happier about themselves and people who are rude and nasty are generally not happy
within themselves and project that onto the world.  You don’t have to feel hurt or offended by them, choose to
understand their place at this moment in time and move past it.  Eleanor Roosevelt said “Noone can hurt my feelings
without my consent!”  Do not give your consent to feel hurt, choose to be happy and enjoy your day!

Since the universe is made up of positive and negative energy, the more positive energy you create, the more there is in
the universe and the more you draw to your life.  Choose happiness today and remember each day is a gift where you get
to choose happiness if you make the effort.  Try the twenty one day experiment; every day for twenty one days make the
effort to be happy, not to let little things bother you throughout the day, not to take things personally and not to be so
easily hurt by others and at the end of this experiment see if feeling happy comes a little easier.  I think this is an
experiment that may positively affect your whole life.  Be an active participant in your life and choose to be happy!

Nina Mistier is a Holistic Counselor, Yoga Instructor, College Instructor and mother who holds a Master of Science
degree in Counseling Psychology, Counseling Supervision, Bachelor of Science in Psychology, Yoga Certification and
studies Energy Psychology, Positive Psychology, Nutritional Studies and Holistic Healing.