The New York Optimist
March 2009
Franco Antonio Mirenzi (1959), composer, has improved his
own music skills with Aldo Clementi and Salvatore Sciarrino after
getting the diploma in organ, organ composition and music

He has made a name for himself firstly as an organ concert artist
and then as a music teacher.

Franco Antonio Mirenzi composes with no limits of music genres
and styles.

His orchestral compositions are commissioned, published,
performed and appreciated in Italy and abroad.

Since 1992 he has been teaching Elements of composition for
music didactics at Santa Cecilia Conservatory of Rome. He has
taught the same matter at the Conservatory of Messina (from
1986 to 1990) and at the Conservatory of Latina (from 1990 on)

Since the academic year 2000-2001 he has been teaching
composition Didactics at SSIS-Puglia and he has given (from
2002 to 2004) a course on Elements of harmony and counterpoint
at Lecce University.

He works in public schools training music teachers.

He has written essays and he has cooperated to prestigious

Since 1997 he has been an elected member of the national Council
of Education.

He is an elected member of the Academic Body of Santa Cecilia
Conservatory of Rome.

He lives and works in Rome.
Music: Al ritorno
For Downloads
2008  Sospiri per un tempo di gioia 5'45'' orchestra d'archi
2008  L'abbandono e la corsa 5'41'' flauto e pianoforte
2008  Il girasole 4'30'' pianoforti (due) e recording media
2008  Un flipper...nel mare 9'20'' pianoforti (due)
2007  Scheletri d'alberi