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BIO ::
Born and raised in a small beach city in Southern California, Kim moved to San
Francisco after graduating from USC intending to pursue a graduate degree in
Transpersonal Psychology when she found herself with a guitar in hand, deciphering
the enigmatic sounds she could hear ever so slightly, digging their way out of her.
She moved to New York City in the spring of 2007 where she began performing solo
nearly every week at venues in the Lower East Side and soon after assembled a band
with fellow San Francisco expiates. After their second show, studio time was
blocked out at Monkeyboy Studios in Brooklyn,NY with producer Brad Albetta
(Martha Wainwright, Teddy Thompson,) and engineer Brian Fulk (Martha & Rufus
Wainwright) and the debut album 'You Are Loved' was recorded in just under a
week. Featured on the record is Alex Nahas on the chapman stick and Harry Green
as well as Matt Johnson (Rufus Wainwright, Jeff Buckley, Beth Orton) on drums.

Kim draws inspiration from the cities of Paris, San Francisco, New York and
Galway, the writing of Anais Nin and the artwork of Gustave Moreau; all are
evidenced in her sound which merges ethereal highs effortlessly with earthy,
melancholic lows. The lifeline on the album and the allure of their live show is Kim’s
hauntingly fierce voice which coaxes emotions out of hiding, celebrates their release
and then tends to the wounds with unflinching sensitivity. Her songs dig deep and
then nestle in close to the heart, whispering moments of truth, battling with love and
lust and offering an intimacy as compelling as it is provocative.  

Kim currently lives in New York City and has a not-so-secret love of country music,
Muse, Bon Iver, Editors and Oldschool Jungle. Her record is out now and available
on iTunes, Amazon, and directly from
Kim Garrison

"...lovely, dark, deep songs sewn up with a ribbon of country twang." - Boston Phoenix

"...a fresh and fierce songstress with a penchant for driving rock lullabies and gritty, gut-punching melodic hooks that hang in the air
and do flips." City of Dis  “Kim Garrison's music waves between indie rock and willowy folk, between shadow and light, between ether
and abyss. Half-angel, half-demon, a kind of spiritual daughter of Jeff Buckley and PJ Harvey." Election Song "The debut album
from Kim Garrison, You are Loved, is an atmospheric, vocal-driven concoction, satisfyingly heavy but not dense…it has an ethereal
tone to it, somewhat like the vocals of Bat for Lashes combined with smooth, complimentary instrumentation. A highlight of the
album is the cover of Jeff Buckley’s “The Sky is a Landfill”, which shows off Kim’s vocal prowess, while still doing homage to the
original. "
 WLUR 91.5

May 2 New York, NY @
Arlene’s Grocery
May 21 New York, NY @
Googie’s Lounge (Above
the Living Room) *solo*
May 26 Laguna Beach, CA
@ Marine Room *solo*
May 28 Hollywood, CA @
Viper Room
May 29 San Diego, CA @
May 31 San Francisco, CA
@ Café du Nord
June 15 Philadelphia, PA @
Blinkin Lincoln
June 24 New York, NY @
Crash Mansion