The New York Optimist
January 2009
Jane Silence
Jane Silence, formerly known as Ladylovely, is an electronic musical force to be
reckoned with. Her debut EP,"The Ladylovely EP", released December 2008,
introduces her atmospheric sound written with a pop sensibility. Her ethereal vocal
presence is showcased in haunting, infectious soundscapes.

Jane Silence (real name Julia Fragias) is a native of NYC and Kefallonia, Greece. She
has been performing in a variety of capacities since the age of four with classical
training in dance, music, and theater. She is the former front woman of dream pop
band, Tragic Sense (2001-2003) and "rocktronic" project, Deaf By Stereo (2003-
2006). Producers she has been working with on her EP and beyond include LA based
Lucky Leo (Leo Der Stepanian) and NYC’s DJ Ettikit (Frank Zurita). She is currently
recording her full length album, produced by some amazing talents in NY, LA, and
Europe, in addition to guesting on some soon to be announced projects.

Her fan base is not just limited to her music, as Julia has shown herself to be an artist
on many levels. Her modeling and burlesque work has been featured in numerous
mainstream and alternative publications including Dr. Sketchy's Rainy Day Coloring
Book, Penthouse Forum,, and Gothic Beauty. Her independent film work
includes playing Kandi Barbour, crazed pornstar, in the docu-drama, Tales of Times
Square (Firebrand Films/Concept X/Nolita Films) and numerous characters in pulp
film catalog of director Val Killmore -Lux Killmore Productions. She was most
recently featured in independent film short, “Small Apartment.” (dir: Andrew T.
Betzer), winner of the Grand Jury prize at South By Southwest Film Festival 2008 for
Best Film Short. In 2009, Julia reprises her role as Dallas Ethel Denny in the remake
of Lux Killmore Productions film, "The Buxotic Beauty Murders."

As Ladylovely, Julia has lent her vocal and
musical stylings to the following

based Rapper and Comedian with an
alternative following spanning the nation.)
Track: “Rich Man”
© 2007
DB Productions

XEROTIME (project and forthcoming
independently released album by the CT
based DJ Reverand Brian)
Track: “Movement” for Future’s End EP
© 2007
Xerotime Studios

DRRTYHAZE (Duo of NYC based
DJ/producers creating "deviantdisco
tracks" with influences ranging from disco
to indie rock to soul.)
Track: “I Don’t Care”
© 2007
Speak Recordings

Previous Incarnations…

TRAGIC SENSE EP “Insides Out” © 2003
Production: Sapone Productions
Independently Released
Fronted and performed in this “dream-pop”
duo with songwriter/guitarist Jordan
Durante 2001-2003. EP received praise
from alternative press in Canada, Italy, and
the US.

Production: DJ Amazin A
Fronted this rock-electronic project
comprised of former members of Flytrap
and DJ Amazin from 2003-2006.
Performed at legendary rock venues all
over NYC and its fine boroughs, with
tracks featured in independent film by
LuxKilmore Films.
Too Lonely

I am so proud to have been a model for artist Ann Marshall,
whose work will be auctioned to raise funds that provide
tattoos for low income, post mastectomy women. Here in her
own words: The Foundation for Open Creation is a non-profit
organization which was formed to further integrate
self-expression into the medical community and the
community-at-large. The FFOC aims to develop the idea that
art, specifically tattoo art, can augment the recovery process
for those with issues both physical and psychological.