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Welcome to the future.
Since 2003 Exemption has been carving its name into
the Long Island scene one show at a time. Combining
precision, ferocity, soul, and skill, Exemption has
managed to create a sound all their own that fans of
anything under the Rock and Roll roof can
appreciate. Not concerned with any
plays the music they want to play and has compiled a diehard fan base over the
last few years, that grows steadily with each show.
With their full-length, self-released album, The Rabbit Hole
(2007), Exemption brought their sound to a new level of
ability and independence. It was written, recorded, mixed,
designed, and promoted all by the band themselves with
only some occasional help from supportive friends.
Exemption has shared stages with the likes of
The Misfits, Dry Kill Logic, Byzantine, Rhino
Bucket, LA Guns and Slaughter.  In February
2008, Exemption was voted Ultimate-Guitar.
com’s Unsigned Band of the Month, and made
it to their list for Unsigned Bands of the Year.
They are currently in the process of putting out a new EP and plans are in the
works for a new full length release and tour.

Recommended if you enjoy any of the following: Black Sabbath, Pantera, Clutch,
Down, Led Zeppelin, Metallica, Slayer, Mastodon, The Bronx, Corrosion of
Conformity, Pelican, Jimi Hendrix, sex, music, and hot sauce.