By Jason Chase

Uh oh!!! its another complete vacation for the mind  
when singer and musician elodieO took the happy
party people at Leroyale on a complete vacation
performing her new CD Stubborn live. This club is
now officially my favorite place to see music, dark
and moody with mirrored walls and a kick ass sound
system this two floor gem nestled on the corner of
Leroy street and Seventh Avenue in the West Village
is hosting some of the hottest and most talented
bands in the world and I have to say that I am
incredibly happy to have the opportunity to mix and
mingle with them. elodieO and her new album
Stubborn left the crowd star struck
with songs like  Crazy, La Mer, and Cuckoo, the
electronica based moody music made  me Crazy
and I was immediately reassured that the music scene
is alive and kicking with new and innovative artists
carving a whole new territory for the music industry
to thrive in.
After the show I had a chance to chat with elodieO
and she mentioned that she was a little sad
and I wondered  why  after performing a flawless set of songs off her new album, and she answered I just am,
well with in that answer I knew that the truth behind so many artists and their work many times comes from a sad place and the joy we experience from their art
is a translation and confirmation of their spirits overcoming or possibly enjoying that sad place.
elodieO then smiled and asked if I enjoyed her show and all I could say  was that it was one of the most crazy sensual and enjoyable live music experiences that I
have ever seen and heard.
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elodieO is a staple of the New York City LES/Nublu electro scene that
nurtured Kudu and The Brazilian Girls. Her sound is an elegant mix of
60's Nico-esque pop and 90's golden era trip-hop and down-tempo.
Stubborn is a brilliant and complex album that is a suitable soundtrack
for both a night on the town, and, the more intimate activities that often

Originally from Paris, elodieO sings, composes and arranges all the
music on Stubborn with the exception of two re-arranged songs of by
Serge Gainsbourg and The Cure. The album features guest spots from
several internationally know artists, including Aaron and Jesse of the
Brazilian Girls.

While this is elodieO's first full-length release, she has a great story that
has been building nicely. She has received kind words from Rolling Stone
and others in the national media and blog community. Her Wake Up
Without You remix 12" (out on Tip of The Iceburg Records) has been
charting .. dance charts, and, has been very well received by djs. The
singles "Crazy" and "Wake Up Without You" are receiving plays from
key college and specialty radio stations around the world, and, ..
taste-maker radio stations like KCRW (Los Angeles), Resonance Fm
(UK) and Francophonie Express (Canada). Relentless touring has also
helped to build elodieO's story. She has just returned from a very
successful European tour, and, is planning a fall 2008 tour in support of
Milk and Honey
Attache Moi
Wake Up Without You
La Mer
The New York Optimist
January 2009