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Circles For Hearts

A great name can be so helpful.
Especially when you combine it with a great product
Circles For Hearts is the perfect name for this NY band that
Have a unique sound and a clever way of weaving a story through their music.
The sound is an eclectic mix of electronic dance based drum patterns with guitars and
base lines layered over the top, when I saw them Live at Lit lounge I couldn’t help but
dance to the pop rock feel of some of the songs in the set.
Kai Altair, the classically trained llead vocalist is a striking blond beautiful woman just
what most people like in their rock stars gorgeous and talented. The other members of
the band consist of guitars and ipod programmed beats played by Joe Pepitone,
Keyboards played by Matt Pepitone, and electronic drum kit by Dan Onori.
If the venue is intimate and smaller the band becomes a duo and Kai and Joe play
together with the other instruments recorded and manipulated through the ipod.
Kai a graduate of one of the top music schools in the world The Manhattan school of
Music writes the lyrics and music and then shares ideas with the rest of the band but the
songs are mainly constructed by Kai and Joe Pepitone.

With a new EP due to be released by the end of the summer.Circles for Hearts fans
are in for a treat and I will also be looking forward to the selection of new songs,
this band has a great sound and its just a matter of time before the right record label
signs and supports their creative process and brings their music to the rest of the
world, although with the nature of business being done on the worldwide web the
band has a large choice of options when it comes to marketing their music.  With
influences ranging from The Beatles, David Bowie, Depeche Mode.            Kai
Altair has the right combination to make it big in the Music world, so take a look at
their website and their my space page to find out where you can see them live, I
highly recommend if your in the city and want to see a live show
Circles for Hearts wont disappoint.   You can also catch them at venues like Don
Hills when they play a host of shows for Rock and Roll party and club promoters
selected play lists.
Kai Altair
Dan Onori
Matt Pepitone
Joe Pepitone
The New York Optimist
February 2009