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I  Had a meeting with a great photographer in Soho the Other day her name is laura june kirsch and her photography is also
being featured in this issue.  I met her on the corner of Prince and Thompson and mentioned that i wanted to check out a
great looking place that i passed by on my way over.

we rounded the corner of mercer off prince street and descended the stairs of this upscale korean restaurant named woo lae
The bartender jon shehee was a sweetheart of a guy  and he greeted us with a quiet nod. the music in the background was
modern and definately groovy.  the managers dan reiser and jeong lee were gracious and generous also greeting my guest
and i with big smiles

i asked jon what he recommended as so many eateries in ny have specialty drinks and he recommended the lychee martini
which was so refreshing especially coming in from the hot humid weather the city has been experiencing recently.  made with
the actual lychee fruit i couldnt have been more happy, laura  decided to have beer instead and we sat there together three
artists including jon the bartender who is a painter   for more than a few cocktails each enjoying this early evening affair. This
is a place i will definately go back to and maybe next time ill have more time to have dinner and review the cuisine at this little
hotspot. the new york optimist recommends this  place for drinks and based on the clean and spacious lines of this large lofty
space where the aroma of korean delights float freely through the air for great dinner as well.