I used to be a trumpet player.  I also did some arranging, conducting and contracting.  I played in a few symphony orchestras as well as going out on
the road with a few acts.  Starting in the early sixties through about 1980, I did jingles (radio and TV commercials), TV shows, a few movies and
probably played on at least a thousand records.  Most of the records were forgettable and I only remember a few that I did.

The usual routine was that we would record four songs in each three-hour record date or "session".  We would most often do all the songs for an
album in two or three sessions.  So, for example, when I recorded September for Earth, Wind and Fire, that was during two sessions where we played
on about eight tunes for the album that September was a part of.  I remember September because it was so challenging.

I remember Can't Get Enough of Your Love because Gene Page, the arranger, forgot to write the trumpet parts.  Bud Brisbois, the other trumpet
player, and I had to play the lick Barry White sang for us when he would cue us from the recording booth.

Listed below are some that I remember doing or for which I received a "re-use" payment i.e. you get paid when the recording is reused for a movie,
TV, a commercial or when it is "sampled" into a new song, etc.  To this day I am still being surprised by receiving a re-use check for a song I don't
recall recording.  Anyway, here are a few.  Perhaps you recognize some of them. Barry White

Can't Get Enough of Your Love

Oh Love, We Finally Made It (Sampled in Twenty G's by KRS-One)

Never, Never Gonna Give You Up

Marvin Gaye

Trouble man (Sampled in FT by Brolic)

After the Dance (Sampled in Get Retarded by Cannibus, Play On Playa by Nas and With Me by De La Soul)

Life’s Opera (Sampled in Get Down by Cam'Ron)

Earth, Wind and Fire


Diana Ross

Touch Me In the Morning

My Hero Is a Gun (Sampled in Stop Being Greedy by DMX)

The OJ's

She Used To Be My Girl

Tower of Power

So Very Hard To Go

Hues Corporation

I Caught Your Act

Who Done It

More Than a woman

Al Wilson

Show and Tell

La La Peace Song

Rose Royce

Car Wash

I Wanna Get Next to You

Boz Scaggs

You Make It So Hard

Bill Withers

She's Lonely (Sampled in Different Kind of Lady by Benzio)

Hello Like Before (Sampled in Bridging the Gap by Black Eyed Peas)

Eddie Kendricks

Each Day I Cry a Little (Sampled in God Gave Me Style by 50 Cent, Fan Mail by Az, I Tried by Geto Boys)

Time in a Bottle (Sampled in You Made Me by Harlem World W Mase)

Edwin Starr

Easin’ In ( Sampled in Crime Story by DMX)

Runnin' (Sampled in The Bidness by Snoop Dogg)

The Commodores

Mary, Mary (Sampled in Hey Fred by Rehab)

Michael Jackson

With a Child’s Heart (Sampled in Watch Me by Little Brother)

The Miracles

Give Me Just Another Day (Sampled in Movin On Up by 50 Cent and Mr. 17.5 by Young Jeezy)

Willie Hutch

I Wanna be Where You Are (Sampled in Can't Hide From Luv and What You Made Of by Mary J. Blige)
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Topanga Canyon Inn
That evening it was time to head to our next destination, The Topanga Canyon Inn, to bunker down and get some rest. Owner Warren Roche has
hand built this paradise high in the hills of Topanga canyon surrounded by lush trees and foliage.The Topanga Canyon Inn is an oasis untouched
by the fast-paced beat on the Hollywood strip below.
Warren is a retired studio musician who decided to build a Mediterranean style mansion
on the side of a cliff, which  in itself is more impressive than the skyscrapers that fill NY.
I may be exaggerating a bit but I am a city guy with a limited experience of the woods and forest living. But that’s not what was so impressive to me, it
was the angles this huge
inn is built upon. To give you an example after weaving up through the hills of Topanga Canyon we reach a precipice where the driveway to this
awesome structure begins. Driving up the entry way was like being turned upside down in a compression chamber filled with salt water. It was out of
control, literally an out-of-body experience.
Warren came down the hill to greet us from his home which was even higher up the hill.
Soft spoken and down-to-earth, Warren showed us the lay of the land and brought us into the main house along with some of the other guests that
were also staying at this mountain mansion. The clay-looking hand-made walls were adorned with the beautiful and well-crafted art of his young and
gorgeous wife. (I was here to write about him and his establishment so chances are I wouldn’t be mentioning the art if it was no good or poorly made,
but let me tell you this work was fantastic,  so great in fact that
I will be featuring her work in next week’s edition so look out for it).
Here is some very cool information about Warren that might make you smile it sure brought a grin across my face ;-)