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Stanford University, Georgetown University,
Boston University, Fairfield University, School of
Visual Arts
Degrees Awarded: BA in BS, JD, BFA, MA, and
some other letters.
Activities: Socializing, Listening to Albums, Writing
Songs, Wearing Pants

Boneyard College
PhD in Pizza Consumption, Late Night Recording,
Regrettable Drinking Decisions and Bad Jokes,
conferred December 2006

Playing Shows: Loading and unloading equipment
in the bitter cold; being heckled by “funny”
audience members who want to hear ‘Freebird’;
entertaining audiences around the globe.
Honors Thesis: ‘How to Release Two Albums in
One Year and Still Appear Not to be Saturating the
Sword Fighting: Using real swords.
Stone Temple Pilots and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club — Summer 2008
Opened for these bands during the summer of 2008 in the south and southeast. It was totally awesome. And the people liked us it
seems. We ate a lot of fried chicken. Our bus broke down. We went to Disneyland while a hurricane went through Florida. Adrian
bought a Wu-Tang sweatshirt. This was a sweet tour.

US Tour — Spring 2008
Did a headlining tour of the east, south and midwest, including some radio interviews, and a live television performance on Fox
(Rupert didn’t show up). We did SXSW and opened for Moby’s band the Little Death. They were cool. Did a live acoustic set on
DC101 in our nation’s capital.

Other Show Highlights — Sept 2008 to Jan 2009
We did an acoustic set for the Dave Hill Explosion in September that went well; VH1 covered it and really liked it. Plus we got to
hang out with Dave Hill and Steve Guttenberg. We opened for Weiland’s solo band in Boston a couple times, including a sold out
show at the Paradise. Did a live acoustic set on WBCN in December. Hardy, we love you. We played our friend Jonny’s film premier
party at Webster Hall in NYC, and we recorded a Band in Boston podcast that has a cool T. Rex cover y’all should hear. Did a live
set for Breakthru Radio too. They were friendly.

England tour with Rose Hill Drive, the Answer and Dinosaur Jr., US Tour with ourselves Summer, Fall 2007
We did some shows with Rose Hill, the Answer and Dino Jr in ’07 ‘across the pond.’ We did shows in London, including the Hyde
Park Calling Festival, played in Liverpool (where they told us we sounded ‘Oasisy’ to which we replied ‘thank you’), and also in
Peterborough, where things started off weird (i.e. thought we were going to get our asses kicked) then ended up having a blast. We
then did California,
a bunch of cities in the northeast and CMJ.