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Sergio Lopez
"Green Ice" 8x20 in. oil on linen mounted on cradled panel. 2013 Sergio Lopez
“Chanelle” 20x16 in. oil on linen mounted on panel. 2013
"Gemini Molineux" 12x30 in. Oil on Stretched Linen. 2011 Available: $1700
"Bourgeon De Rose" 24x28 in. Oil on Stretched Canvas. 2011. Sold.
"Ivory Fashion" 22x30 in. Watercolor/Gouache on Paper. 2010. Sold
"Tuscany Superb" 12x14 in. Oil on Canvas. 2010. Sold.
"Downward Shift" 28x40 Oil on Canvas. 2010
"Dupontii" 18x24 Oil on Canvas. 2010
"Orchid #1" 18x24 Oil/Acrylic on Canvas. 2010
Sergio Lopez, born in 1983, is a graduate of the Academy of Art in San Francisco - and is an exemplary painter in a variety
of mediums. His artistic knowledge ballooned when he discovered his love of oil painting and charcoal drawing.
He filled sketchbook after sketchbook with observations from life as well as drawings from his imagination.

The Golden Age illustrators, Bravura painters, contemporary artists, concept designers, graffiti writers, and photographers
have been some of his strongest influences in his pursuit of painting.
He continues to study by visiting museums and observing the Great Masters, which he strives
to learn lessons of beauty from.

Sergio continues to work in a variety of mediums and styles. From oil and gouache landscapes in and out of the studio to
nude gesture studies in newsprint, he enjoys it all. Sergio especially enjoys discovering new vistas, setting up his easel,
and creating a piece on the spot.

He believes there is no better way to discover the truth and essence of a scene than by standing before it and studying it
carefully. Sergio is a native of Sonoma County. He finds the area ever-inspiring, and never ceases to find a new gorgeous
area no matter how often he explores.

Since he began participating in plein air events in 2010, Sergio has won multiple awards, including Epperson Gallery’s
Valona Paint Out best of show award two years in a row, 3 awards in the 2010 Paint San Clemente Festival and
Honorable Mention in the Alameda Plein Air event two years in a row.

He uses the knowledge gained from painting outdoors in his studio paintings.
"Elanis" 20x30 in. oil on linen panel.
"Concordance" 12x18 in. oil on linen panel. Available through the artist: $1250
"Appenia" 6x6 in. water-mixable oil on watercolor paper. Available through the artist: $375
"Jalini" 10x16 in. oil on linen panel. Available through the artist: $900
Painted Roses
Hip Hop
"Kaleidoscope A" 24x30 Oil on Canvas. 2010
"Sabina" 16x20 in. oil on canvas
"Samnia" 16x20 in. oil on canvas.
"Evocation" 16x20 in. oil on linen.
"The Party" Acrylic on Canvas.
"Sea of Tears" 12x18 in. Oil on Canvas Board. 2011
Sacred Spring