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Currently, the events of construction and building sustainable enterprises are one of the most discussed topics among
architects, engineers, entrepreneurs and builders since left the sustainability of environmentalists for the competitive market.
To measure the sustainability of an enterprise it is necessary to observe the equilibrium to improve social, environmental and
economic excellence in providing quality of life, reduced energy costs (an estimated 15%) and water (30 %) using the system to
absorb rain. Other measures to characterize the sustainable building is the decrease in volume of waste, and improving the recycling
of waste, and, of course, the use of recycled materials.
The sustainable design should increase the life of the project, see the possibilities of maintenance and adaptability to future
In Brazil, some construction companies account for an excess cost of only 2%, but this number can exceed 10% depending on what
you used to have a "green" building.
The figures also rely heavily on the level of development.
In a building of low standard may seem like a lot. But it is needed for this research and can be cost-effective, not to be a problem at
the time of sale.
Some builders say that it is useless to build a fully sustainable because it is not feasible for the market.
Another point to be taken into consideration is the volume of work.
The greater the number of apartments or rooms, plus costs are diluted.
The viability of a sustainable development is directly linked to the availability of the consumer to pay for a building of this type.
Who pays?
Who benefits from this?

This is a very complex issue and many details that we studied along the path.
More to come..


Regiane Sabanai

Green Building in Brazil - Ventura
Corporate Tower Rio de Janeiro

Forecast for delivery of work 2010

Architects Aflalo & Gasperini (BR) and
Kohn Pedersen Fox (EUA)
By  Regiane Yuki Sabanai