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Lenny Kislin
Born in south Bronx May 11th, 1946. Grew up in father's pet shop (and out on the street where I was almost killed, violently, twice).
Moved to Queens when I was 11 (but still went to work at my father's store whenever he needed help). Took me years to overcome
effects of my childhood. Was good athlete throughout my teens. Eventually went to and graduated from Brooklyn Law School. Was
rock'n'roll singer, musician and writer at various times of my life. Eventually moved up to Woodstock in 1971 (bought my land in
1970 while in law school) with my wife, Nancy. Physically built our own house (a true adventure). Daughter (Jessie, born in 1976),
who, with her husband Dan, runs a successful jewelry business and had our four grandchildren, added a whole new dimension to our
life. Founded our antiques and art business in 1972 (starting from flea markets and working our way up to some of the best shows in
NYC) and developed a strong connection with "objects." This led to my collecting thousands of old pieces that eventually would lead
to my "antique assemblage" art. Became  increasingly involved in the Woodstock art scene (chairman of the Woodstock Artists
Association for six years 1996  - 2002, curator for Oriole9 restaurant/gallery for the last five years and had a very successful career
with my own art, selling 100's of works). Any details you may want to know about, just ask me.

I have been selling unusual antiques since 1972. In the course of hunting for interesting objects for my business, I came across many
pieces which were not so salable, but because of their forms, old surfaces, color, or rarity I was intrigued to the extent that I bought
them anyway. I have saved these objects through the years with the intent of eventually finding a way to enable others to see what I
saw in them.
In 1991, I began to physically join these forms into conceptual and narrative art pieces that I felt utilized them to their best advantages.
I have experienced great success and my work is in many public and private collections, world-wide. What you see here in these
pieces is the fruit of my passion for these here-to-fore under-appreciated objects.
A Fresh Batch Of Industrial Grade Chickens
A Real Head Case
A Sign Of Attention
All American Clown
And The Winner Is..
Be Careful What You Wish For
Hope For The Best
Reversal Of Fortune
Just Don't Have The Time