I am Brazilian! My country is a very inspiring, colorful place full of vigorous people, vibrant music, intense parties, and great
diversity of fauna and flora. Since I was a little girl, I was always mesmerized by the liveliness of colors, and visually seduced
by unusual textures and forms. As a result of this, I later became involved with visual arts. In my opinion, childhood is the most
curious and fascinating phase of anyone`s life. Everything is interesting and new, but at the same time it is also scary and
uncomfortable. Through my art, I try to evoke the child`s curiosity within me; my playfulness, my frustrations, and the way I see
the world around me. I have worked with kids for many years, and I always felt I could relate with them. It amazes me how
children interpret life in such an unusual and delightful manner. They still interpret things the way they naturally do and not the
way they were told to. It is this pure, joyful, natural, and carefree perspective that inspires me.
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Elisa Carreno
and Her upcoming exhibition
Friday February 28, 2014
Reception 6:00 - 8:00 PM
Brazilian Community Center 42 - 12 34th Avenue Avenue LIC NY 718-619-8529
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