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Dan Yagmin Jr
Dan Yagmin Jr. has been interested in art, mainly illustration, for as long as he can remember and drawing by the time he
could first lift a pencil. The images Yagmin creates have been influenced by a multitude of different disciplines,
backgrounds, styles, and time periods. Much of his earliest influences stem from old Hannah Barbera cartoons like the
Jetsons and the Flinstones, as well as the graphics on skateboard decks created by artists such as Jim Phillips, that he
rode growing up. Always a propensity for adventure, Dan began pursuing rock climbing shortly after finishing high
school and his climbing endeavors have taken him to exotic and remote places all around the world. His travels have
greatly informed his imagery, as he loves to find the aesthetic variations that differ from place to place, each beautiful
and unique.

Yagmin’s artwork has found its way into publications he read growing up as a climber, such as Rock & Ice and
Climbing Magazine, as well as other venues within the outdoor industry, including artwork for the American Alpine
Club, Petzl, Trail Runner Magazine, Deadpoint Magazine, and various rock climbing gyms and organizations. Dan has
also written and illustrated a 32-page children’s book, Norton B. Nice, which is published as an e-book through
FlyingBooks, Inc. Dan’s artwork has been exhibited throughout Connecticut as well as California and many of his
paintings are included in private collections.

When he doesn't have a paintbrush in hand, Dan can be found rock climbing, surfing, skating, and traveling around the
world. To learn more about Dan’s adventures, inspirations, and works in progress, visit his blog at