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TNYO: Hello Dayme,  Your music sounds like an eclectic mix of Jazz, Blues and modern pop orchestrations.
there is also a french creole edge to some of the songs I have heard recently.
Can you tell us a little bit about your music in general?

DAYME: Funny that you mention French Creole… Though I am  Latin and was born in Puerto Rico, I move to Louisiana at the age of three
and that is where I became truly intrigued with music. I was influenced by the blues, rock 'n roll, jazz,country & And the list goes on.
I look at music as a big melting pot of all sounds…. A large gumbo pot if you will. It depends on what you're writing about and your current
state of mind/emotions that determine where you draw from.

TNYO: Where did you grow up?

DAYME:  I was born in Rio Piedras,Puerto Rico and grew up in Luling, Louisiana, South Jersey & NYC.

TNYO: What is your background -  nationality ?

DAYME: Dominican , Both Parents.

TNYO: Have you been making music your whole life, many musicians start their careers as children without knowing that this is what they
will be doing for the rest of their lifes, when did you know that you were a musician and this is what you wanted to do as a career?

DAYME: When I first moved to Louisiana I had to learn how to speak English so I found that by listening to music and following along with
the lyric sheet, I was able to learn the language very easily. It was then that I also learned how to write a song because I started to discover
the basic format of songwriting.
Then I also begin to write good lyrics and poetry.

TNYO: Your also a very talented film maker, can you tell us how you came about making your own videos?

DAYME: It all came out of desperation. I realized that we live in a very visual age and I needed to have an archive videos. Therefore I knew
that either I would have to constantly hire people to do my videos or I would have to learn how to shoot, color correct, direct, etc... my own
videos so that I can create a strong online visual presence. This is when I tuned into YouTube, watched many tutorials so that I could learn
how to create my videos and in time I was able to run w/ it. Creating my own style of videos.

TNYO: Process all artists have a certain approach to their craft, can you tell us about yours?

DAYME: I usually start by experiencing an emotion, whether it's something that I personally experienced or I've witnessed others
experience. I process my thoughts with lyrics in my head and then I begin to create a melody. At that time I will go into my recording studio
and start to put a musical track together and combine my lyrics and melody with the music... A song is born.

TNYO: Do you come from a musical family ?

DAYME: Actually my mother used to sing around the house on a daily basis and I recall thinking what a beautiful voice she had. I started to
mimic her and that's when I fell in love w/ singing.

TNYO: Who is one of your major influences in music today?

DAYME: Jack White, Amy Winehouse & well... The Doors & Billie Holiday but that doesn't Exactly count as today… Right? LOL!

TNYO: Who was one of Your Major Influences growing up?

DAYME: Luis Miguel, Dolly Parton, White Stripes, Elvis, Guns & Roses, Stevie Nicks, Nirvana... I was influenced by so many! It just
depended on what mood I was in.

TNYO: Can you tell us a little bit about how you perceive the music industry as a performing artist, as a business and how musicians
are making money in this ever changing computer landscape?

DAYME: I Think you really have to be hands-on today. You have to learn how to do as many things yourself as possible. And you have to
get very good at understanding social media and knowing how to market yourself. You can make a living As an artist but you have to
understand that it's a business and treated as such. Setting up a solid website is a great start!

TNYO: Your Band sounds very Jazz influenced, do you write the music? Are you close to the band members or do you have changing
roster of musicians to perform with?

DAYME: I'm a solo artist so I have produced a lot of my songs on my own. meaning lyrics,melody & the music. When I do work with other
musicians I will either play something and ask them to embellish on that or I will hum a melody and have them re-created it... etc. But it's a
true collaboration of ideas coming together. If you're working with other musicians you have to have good chemistry and just vibe.

TNYO: You recently performed at The Pyramid Club on the Lower East Side (Alphabet City) of Manhattan a neighborhood famous for up
and coming artists of all genres, were you happy with the performance?

DAYME: We had a great time performing because it happened to be one of those nights where the vibe is good. The Venue? It was a bit
grungy… The Sound? The sound engineer had some peculiar moments… I'll leave it at that.

TNYO: As a beautiful talented woman, do you find it difficult to maintain relationships?

DAYME: It's a battle...

TNYO: If you could do anything in the world what would it be?

DAYME: Tour the world with my music and give back to those who are in need along the way. Charity contributions.

TNYO: Do you have any specific goals when it comes to your music?

DAYME:  Be honest and do what feels right to you.

TNYO: Fear, Fairy Tales and Evil, Off To The Moon, Fantastic titles for fantastic songs,
Are you satisfied with these compositions as they are or do you want to add or make any changes to these tracks?

DAYME: I always look at my songs as sequels… I can always add, or even take away and simplify. But at the end the day I respect what
was created at that moment in time because that was the truth for that moment in time.

TNYO: These titles are very other worldly and have a literary curve in the lyrics, where did you get the inspiration for these songs?

DAYME: Life.

TNYO: Can you give all the fans (male) out there what a beautiful talented woman like yourself may prefer in a relationship?

DAYME: Someone who is in tune w/. Their creativity, someone that is in tune with their emotions and is not afraid of living… Someone that
is truly spontaneous and enjoys life... An Artist of Life.

TNYO: Please suggest a song from one of your favorite musical inspirations ;-)

DAYME: Billie Holiday - My Man

TNYO: Is there something would like to add to give us some more insight into who DAYME is?

DAYME: I made it a point to become the master of my own trade. This knowledge gives me the freedom to create the music that I want to
create. Creating the visuals that  complement the songs as I envisioned it.  Ultimately delivering the story to my listeners as I hoped to.