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Artists of Woodstock heading to the Bronx for a group exhibit

Four artists are heading to the Bronx for a group show "Artists of
Woodstock" at The Clock Bar on Saturday, February 23rd from
6pm - 9pm.  The exhibit is curated by painter Sara Conca who brings
together artists Lenny Kislin, Jesse Reimer and Christina Varga. Lenny
Kislin is a Woodstock legend and assemblage artist who works with antique
and vintage materials, Jesse Reimer makes lamps and furniture out of found
metal with stone and wood, and Christina Varga of VARGA Gallery -
Woodstock celebrating it's 10th Anniversary in June will feature
internationally collected VARGA Girls . The exhibition will serve as an
introduction and connection with the artist residents of the The Clock
Building and link the Bronx with Hudson Valley artists and collectors.

Sara Conca ( is a new Woodstock resident and an
expressionist Painter of Canadian Native American and French Italian
descent.  She studied sculpture at Ateliers D’Art De St Maur Des Fosses,
assisted the critically lauded outsider artist Pervis Young and works
with painter Graham Gillmore. Her work experiments with a diverse variety
of art mediums and brings a strong, emotive visual and skilled fluency
within the forms of her abstract expressionism.  Collectors from Europe,
Asia and the United States own her works which grace private chateaus and
hotel lobbies in France  Her new series features 18k Gold Layering process and
reversal painting on acrylic sheets called her Plexi Series.

Lenny Kislin ( has a tremendous collection of unusual
antiques and antique objects he has amassed since 1973. Many pieces were
purchased for their unique forms as a rarity that intrigued him. These
objects which he has saved through the years to enable others to
experience what he sees in them through his artwork.  In 1991, he began to
create conceptual art objects to utilized his collection and his work has
made its way into many public and private collections world-wide. Each
work evokes his passion for these heretofore under-appreciated objects.

Jesse Reimer ( is inspired by the resources and
relics he finds at auctions, yard sales, antique and junk shops, even
municipal dumps. He collects old, rusted metal tools and machine parts and
combs the rich woods of the Catskill Mountains for native bluestone from
quarries and creeks, old metal tools and farm machinery parts. Tractor
seats become unique stools.  Rusted tools become a unique and functional
lamp. An old log becomes a table or bench. He often adds small quirky
touches to his imaginative designs.

Christina Varga is a self-taught artist & founder of the VARGA Gallery in
Woodstock, New York which opened its doors in the Summer of 2003. For
nearly a decade Varga has showcased and celebrated an eclectic variety of
cutting edge artists. Her own work has been exhibited at the American
Visionary Art Museum during the 13th mega exhibit “All Faiths Beautiful”
as well as the Cathedral Church of Saint John the Divine, the
Kunsttiendaagse in Bergen, North Holland and in countless galleries,
shoppes, restaurants & clubs.  Her most collected series are the VARGA
Girls made with vintage Playboy, Penthouse, Oui, Chic, Viva and other
erotica circa the 60’s & 70s era. In addition, Varga produced, directed
and starred in hit cable access TV Show “Apocalypse VARGA” airing in
Woodstock and streaming online from 2007 to 2012. A new show is in the

The Clock Bar opened in the Spring of 2012 and is located in the South
Bronx’s premiere historic landmark building the Clock Tower -  home to
luxury lofts and artist studios located in the heart of the Bronx’s Mott
Haven neighborhood. The Clock Bar is a full service New American
restaurant and bar with a commitment to excellence in service and a
philosophy that a great meal, like a great life, is an experience. Visit
them online at