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Antoinette Johnson
Mermaid in Progress
Antoinette Johnson was born in 1981 in Tampa, Florida. She began painting and drawing at the age of 4 and
was highly influenced by Edward Gorey as a child. Her work was sold as commissioned work until her
mid-teens. At this time she began focusing on photography and performance art.

She studied black and white photography and darkroom techniques at the Ringling School of Art and Design.
She spent time in Greece photographing architecture and various protests by day and developing the photos
by night. It was during this project that she developed and studied two major influences on her later work.
Namely, design and the figure.
Her return to painting in 2010 has been inspired by these explorations in other mediums and by co-founding
950 Hart Gallery in Bushwick, Brooklyn. At the beginning of 950 Hart Gallery’s run, Antoinette began working in
her new style characterized by fluorescent colors, hardedge and figurative work. She has shown new work in
18 of her gallery’s 27 art openings, Open Spaces in Long Island City, Queens, and on the screens of Times
Square during Art Takes Times Square. Her work can be found in various private collections around the world
and several establishments in Washington DC.

She currently resides in Brooklyn, New York with a one eyed cat.
"The Cardiac Disease Commonly
Known as Love"
Acrylic on canvas
"Bitter Sweet"
Acrylic on canvas
"Solitary Adjustment"
Acrylic on wood panel
Untitled commissioned piece from a
business owner in Washington DC
Charcoal on aged paper
"Alone and Still Standing"
Acrylic on canvas