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Adam Miller
"A Gentle Breeze"\ -  oil on canvas 36"x48"
"Leda in the Gulf"  -  oil on canvas 60"x46"
"Winter Storm" -   oil on panel 9"x 12"
"Fallout"  -  oil on canvas 72"x48"
"After The Fall" -  oil on canvas 48"x36"
"Somewhere Over the Rainbow" -  oil on canvas 36"x48"
"Oasis" -  oil on canvas 74"x53"
"Anticipation" -  oil on board 36"x36"
"Artemis Tryptich Center Panel"  -  oil on board 48"x36"
"Leda and the Swan" -  graphite on paper  18"x24"
"Three Graces" -  graphite on paper 11"x14"
"Emily" -  oil on canvas 18"x24"
"Narcissus"  -  oil on canvas 18"x24"
"Shell Shocked"  - oil on canvas 16"x20"
Adam Miller's paintings explore the intersection between mythology, ecology and humanism. Visually inspired by
baroque and Hellenistic narrative painting they take a polytheistic approach to contemporary folklore, questions of
progress and the experience of human narrative in the face of technological change and the struggle to find meaning in a
world poised between expansion and decay. Miller's work is mannerist in it's use of the human form as a vehicle of
feeling and thought beyond the literal representation of a particular person

Born in 1979 in Oregon, He began an apprenticeship to artist Allen Jones at thirteen years old and at Sixteen, was
accepted to the Florence Academy Of Art in Florence and continued his studies under Michael John Angel in Florence.
For the next four years Miller traveled throughout Europe studying the workof the Baroque and Mannerist painters.

His work has been commissioned by Robert Pamplin Jr., the Chairman of the Board of the Portland Art Museum, Mike
Tyson, and Eric Rhodes, publisher of Fine Art Connoiseur.

Miller has exhibited in both the U.S and Europe.

Adam Miller has been described in reviews as a "rising star of realism"
and it was said that he "would be considered a master in any era".
Among the ruins
2010 - 2012
Works on Paper