Need Contact Lenses? See Us.

Order your contact lenses from AC Lens, and save up to 70% off retail contact lens prices.

We carry all major brands of contact lenses including Acuvue, Biomedics, Focus,
Freshlook, Soflens, Purevision, and more. With over one million lenses in stock, AC Lens
has the contact lenses you need.

The AC Lens Advantage:
Convenience: Secure and simple online ordering
Service: Order tracking direct to your door
Guarantee: 30-day return policy
Get started with
our contact lens catalog.
Limited Time Offer! Save 10% off a LensAlert contact lens counter. Keep track of the time between replacing your contact lenses and case. Enter coupon code ALERT in the instructions field of our order form. Offer expires 8/31/08.
Please enter the code ALERT in the special instructions box
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Contact Lens Our Price Retail Mail Order
Purevision $33.95 $47.95 $38.95
Focus 1-2 Week $16.95 $23.95 $18.95
Soflens 38 $14.95 $20.95 $16.95
Biomedics 55 $14.95 $20.95 $16.95
It's clear how much you'll SAVE.  
Save up to 70% on Prescription Eyeglasses and
Complete pair with thin and super-light lenses
only $39 !
Fashion-Forward Frame Styles
Light & Thin Prescription Lenses
UV Protection
Scratch Coating
Stylish Hard Case
100% Quality Guarantee
Knowledgeable Customer Support
Next-Day Delivery Available

"The frames that fit our testers
the best came from"
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