The New York Optimist
August 2008
The Shot heard around the world
Zero my Hero
Unpack yourAdjectives
The School House Rock Top 5 Videos from The NewYork Optimist

First aired 1974. Teaching kids how to use interjections, like "hey!" "ouch, with a
beat that resembles a poppy tune with transitions and and ingenious melody you
can see why this is a favorite.
The shot heard round the world.

First aired 1976. In the heart of the Bi Centennial, School House Rock offers up
this little history lesson on how the American Revolution started and some goings
on with the war itself. All to a folksy little beat. Not one of the more popular ones
but a one to remember non the less.
Zero, my hero

First aired in 1973, with a little spoken word to start, we go into a journey on
first what types of hero's you might have, then going right into the song on how
zero is another one of those "wonderful" numbers. The song reminds me of
something Paul Simon might record. Performed by Bob Dorough
We had some much fun here at The New York Optimist on the Top 5 Schoolhouse Rock videos that we wanted to give you the best of
the rest. Another 4 learning videos from our friends at Schoolhouse Rock. With
Interjections, The Shot Heard Round the World, Zero
my Hero,
and Unpack your Adjectives, we will hit on math, history, and grammar. Once again rocking out to those unforgettable tunes.
So sit back, enjoy a bit of the past and maybe, just maybe give you another long lost tool to teach your children the good old fashion
way. With a television!
Unpack your adjectives
First aired in 1975. This kooky little ditty, takes us on a jungle expidition while
teaching us, you guessed it! How to use adjectives. With a soft girlish tone in
Blossom Dearie' voice we dance and sing along to the hyptonizing melody.