Hawaiian Tropic

Ok here is a place all you gentleman  are going to really enjoy right in the center of Times
49th Street and Seventh Avenue to be exact, is an oasis of beauty and entertainment.
Hawaiian Tropic  Zone,  or you may want to call it the hot zone or the red hot area but
more importantly this two story  restaurant  in the heart of the city is a super power play
ground for adults.
As I entered the restaurant off the busy and frenetic Seventh Avenue in famous Times
Square with its neon lights blinking instructing  the viewers below to what is hot and
happening in the city.
The rhythm  of this city  is amazing and I have been in complete awe since I was of a
very young age, you can feel the electric vibe as soon as you enter this triangle
shaped area that takes up about 50 blocks of prime real estate.
Greeted at the door by three incredibly gifted women with big bright smiles welcoming me
in to take part in a exotic experience that I wont soon forget and will definitely head back
to very soon.
Cheryl the manager met me and had a table ready she then introduced me to my waitress
who was wearing the official uniform of Hawaiian Tropic Zone The Bikini!!!
looking around I noticed about seven different  women  wearing the same wonderful outfit
each one more beautiful than the next and here's a note for all you Hollywood directors
if your looking for talent and beauty in one package here is where your next starlet may be
waiting for you to discover her!
Believe me beauty comes in many shapes colors  sizes and forms at this restaurant / bar to
the stars. I was met by a friend and we were then instructed by another bikini clad beauty
that the Pu Pu Platter  was a big hit and she was right tender cooked pineapple beef
chicken kabobs
Shrimp Roles and Spare ribs with a ceramic sterno to heat the juicy meats and shrimps on
the tiny grill. we then went to the upstairs level to have a few entrees. The Black leather
comfortable seating made me feel majestic among the eye popping staff.
At this point after a few frozen margaritas and a interstellar blast of bikini beauty's the food
became the background for the rest of the meal. With giant screens showing Jimmy
Hendrix and the Doors videos as a backdrop over the stage that through the course of the
night would host a beauty contest of which all the waitresses and bartenders would be
contestants in
I had a hard time voting considering I couldn't choose a favorite but I tried to show my
appreciation for my favorite by giving her a great tip!! Then there was the live music with
two great acts that brought a little  memorabilia back by playing  the Beatles and The Who
To summarize: Gorgeous women great drinks busy hip professional crowd,

What are you waiting for!!!
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