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Crispin "Dil" Chaluisan

About the Artist
Graf artist and urban pioneer Crispin "Dil" Chaluisan has a
career cut from as many raw, diverse, and contradictory
pieces as his piecing. Born in the Bronx, New York on
November 13, 1964, Dil (short for "Dillinger") saw his entire
world as his canvas and graffiti as his outlet.

"Art has always been a driving force in my life. It is my
voice." Using a vocabulary of images drawn from his youth,
Dil's large-scale work tells his stories with a gritty mixture
of urban pop and graffiti style.

After prep school classes, he would slip a jump suit over his
blazer and tie and hit the yard, bombing trains and becoming
well known for his work on the 1 Line (IRT). Never a
"crew" member, Dil wanted the freedom to piece with the
best. Which is what he did, working with other self-made
"legends" over the years, like Cope2, Med, Poem, Nicer
TAT, Chino BYI, Reas, Clark flyID, Sien 5, Sento, Loomit
from Germany, Dero TFA and the Boys of TNS.

Kevin Berlin
Ketel Citrus Vodka, Pama Liquor, fresh lime, splash of

Peter Tunney
Starr African Rum, muddled fresh limes, mint, sugar, splash
of soda - fresh sugar cane

Brian Sweeny
African Starr Rum, fresh lime juice, honey water, topped
with champagne

Ginger Vodka, fresh ginger, fresh lime juice, splash of white

Ashley Gilbertson
Makers Mark, sour Mix, Gallery Bar energy drink topped
with brown ale served over ice

The Picasso $25
Patron Platinum, grand Marnier, fresh lime juice with a
splash of OJ

Grey Goose 295
Belvedere 295
Ketel 275
Absolut 225
Stoli 225

Patron 295
Jose Cuervo 195
Patron Platinum 495

Starr 295

Scotch and Whisky
Johnny Blue 495
Makers Mark 295
Johnny Black 295
Jack Daniels 225

Louis Roederer Crystal '97 495
Veuve Clicquot 175
Moet White Star 175  
The New York Optimist
January 2009
Current Exhibition

GalleryBar and Salon Ciel presents "Imbedded"

With this exhibition, Salon Ciel sent a challenge to circles of
emerging artists around town: reinvent your landscape by
depicting and prying loose its static elements. The extraction
itself activates; the re-presenting of fixed ideas changes their
meaning, or at least, reminds us that they are here. With us.

The visual experience of Imbedded brings together eight
artists' analyses of a mental, physical, or metaphysical
landscape. The artists approach their spaces differently -
some works comment on a state-of-affairs through
sequestering it or fictionalize a moment to make its
assumptions more noticeable. Others reflect a reality to
remind us it exists, to show its absurdity, or to complicate
our expectations.

By fixating on a taken-for-granted moment, concept, or state
of being, each artist challenges our own practices and
perceptions, daring us each to expose the imbedded, cut it
loose, set it free.

Located in the booming Lower East Side art district,
GalleryBar is no mere lounge. Reflective of its neighborhood,
GalleryBar is also an art gallery featuring established, local
and up-and-coming artists. Created by Darin Rubell (cousin
of the legendary late Studio 54 co-owner Steve Rubell), Plan
B owner Joshua Boyd and newcomer Derrek Vernon, and
designed by architect Robert Stansell III, GalleryBar is
inspired by a shared passion for art and a legacy in nightlife.
For further information contact
Sarah Ivory, 917.400.6242,
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