Aroma Kitchen and Wine Bar
“Italian Food Equals Romance”

Italian food equals romance, and there is nothing more romantic than a candle-lit Italian restaurant with soft lighting, background music, and
people enjoying delicious meals accompanied by the perfect wines. Vito Polosa and Alexandra De Giorgio, the owners of the Aroma Kitchen
and Wine Bar, have managed to keep the great food the focus while creating a lovely atmosphere for their patrons.
As I was strolling through the city after a show one night, I thought it might be a nice idea to stop into a restaurant and conduct an on-the-spot
review. When I do this I am not always received well due to the restaurant management wanting to be well prepared for a magazine review.
However, I occasionally stumble upon a restaurant which requires no preparation because it always operates at its best. The Aroma Kitchen
and Wine Bar is one of these restaurants; it is fully prepared to engage its guests in a magical dining experience. Although, I do recommend
making a reservation because the restaurant’s larger tables are usually booked in advance; without a reservation you may find a table for two or
you may eat at the bar.

Alexandra De Giorgio, a lovely Italian woman, greets me after she is found by the
Maître d' and invites me to sit at either of the two tables available in the front of the restaurant. I choose the table that will give me the best
view of the restaurant and I ask Alexandra what her favorite dishes from the menu are. She mentions that most of the dishes are popular and
all of them delicious, but she recommends a few of her favorites. Alexandra tells me that the head chef is unfortunately not available to fill me
in on the preparation of the dishes, so I ask her as many questions as possible. Because this is a restaurant that focuses on the quality of the
food and service, I really was not able to ask her many questions between her greeting guests and friends.

My meal began with a Pane Pugliese, a light crusty bread, house cured olives in virgin olive oil and a glass of Vernacia, a fresh fruity tasting
mellow wine.  As I sip the first of several wines that will accompany each dish, I begin to gaze at the patrons eating and drinking and laughing.
Couples are cooing at their tables and people are sitting at the dark wood bar contemplating their images reflected in large mirrors framed by
brushed steel, as the scent of delicately prepared Northern Italian cuisine fills the air. I begin to daydream and watch a romance unfold. A
couple at the table close to me seems to be getting to know each other on what may be their first date, and as the candle light dances about
their faces and the contemporary chandeliers cast a soft light from above I think to myself, “I can’t wait to bring someone special here.”
This is definitely a place for romance and I could feel it in the air like the fragrant approach of spring as flowers begin to bloom and their scent
fills the warm breezy evenings.

As I taste one of the house-cured olives I am greeted by Vito Polosa, Alexandra’s husband and partner. With a welcome gesture Vito
introduces himself and I ask him to join me. He graciously accepts as the appetizer arrives. It is a pan seared calamari stuffed with shrimp and
almonds accompanied by a lemon wedge sprinkled with olive oil and black olives.  I ask Vito, who is now sitting across from me, to tell me a
little about the restaurant and he offers me a detailed outline of not only the menu, but the history of the foods that he serves. Vito has been in
the food and restaurant business for over twenty years. He was born in Potenza, Italy which lays just South of Naples, high in the charming
Apennine Mountains. Potenza is the capital of Southern Italy’s Basilicata region. Vito uses only the finest ingredients at the Aroma Kitchen and
Wine Bar; from the selection of its meats to the homemade Pappardelle pastas and ravioli, everything is extremely fresh. My first entrée was
the Pappardelle with beef, pork, and veal in a Bolognese sauce that is slowly cooked and simmered for six hours before serving. The
combination of these three meats in this sauce truly melted in my mouth and the taste was exquisite. The Hereford beef is grass-fed and of the
highest quality, while the sauce is DOP imported from Campania and made from the San Marzano tomato, a licensed product.  After the meal,
Vito took me on a tour and as we walked past the bar he was greeted by the restaurant’s regulars and from what I can tell, die-hard fans of his
food and wine. I mention to him that he seems more like a celebrity than the owner of an Italian bistro. Vito, a friend of his who works in the
wine business, and I head down stairs and he shows me a room featuring a twenty foot long wooden table which he made himself. This room
is mainly used for private parties, and with its rustic feel, exposed bricks, and chandeliers it seemed to be the perfect place for a corporate
dinner or a large gathering for more than 12 people. Vito then led me to the kitchen, which was spotless, and we headed back upstairs through
a narrow courtyard. After being treated like their family member, I too became a fan of Vito and Alexandra and the Aroma Kitchen and Wine
Bar will be one of my restaurants of choice when I am in the mood for Italian.
Open Monday through Friday from 12:00 PM – 3:00 PM located at 36 East 4th street between Bowery and Lafayette. Have dinner
and fall in love.    

A private, subterranean escape featuring stone,
wood and glass elements highlighted by votive
candles and dimly-lit chandeliers. Anchored by a
communal wood table of dark mahogany, it
comfortably seats 22 guests. Accessed through a
narrow staircase and winding catacombs, the
journey gives you an unmistakable feeling of
traveling through Venetian passageways. In creating
the Farmhouse Room, we wanted to express the
pleasure of dining in a countryside home. Warm,
rustic and cozy, the room is enrobed in soft light
and music. Simple elegance transports you to
another place and time. The communal table offers a
sense of community, a feeling of closeness and
social connection. A hidden sanctuary perfect for
celebrations, holiday parties or corporate affairs, the
Farmhouse Room offers space to mingle.
The Farmhouse Room at Aroma kitchen and wine bar

We love food and wine and cherish the art of eating and drinking. Our childhood in the Mediterranean was founded in a culture with a strong, stable culinary tradition where
people take great pleasure in food, and dining is an experience to be savored. We experienced, and still recall, great meals which brought families and friends together. These
meals were always prepared with the freshest local ingredients and with care and attention. They lasted for hours with each moment enjoyed and savored.

Since coming to New York, we've seen the same passion but the experience is rarely savored or remembered. This passion is also often hindered by a fear that food that
tastes great cannot be good for you, cannot be healthy. After we met in November 2002, we created an escape in our home by hosting frequent dinners to celebrate an
occasion, our friendships and family, and food and wine. But we didn’t want to escape forever!

So we dreamed about creating a restaurant that would bring back the values of fresh, local food that is carefully prepared and matched with excellent wines and genuine

We opened Aroma Kitchen & Winebar in March 2005. Our vision is to take our guests to refreshingly new levels of Italian food and wine enjoyment. We want to make every
meal memorable!

Alexandra & Vito                                                                                                                                                   
Daily ~ 5pm to 11 (midnight on Friday
and Saturday)

Dinner is served in our Main Dining
Room and Farmhouse Room.

Small Plates
arancini  9
italian cured meats  11
three cheeses  9   five cheeses  15  
house marinated olives  


warm beets, gorgonzola, fig jam, walnuts, warm beet dressing  10
gratin of gnocchi, sausage, fontina, pesto nutmeg béchamel, white truffle oil  11
artichoke parmigiana, pesto, smoked treccione  12
baked stuffed calamari, almond, shrimp, capers, fennel, parsley  12
meatballs, neapolitan ragu, smoked buffalo mozzarella  9

rocket, marinated artichokes, sautéed royal trumpets, toasted walnuts  11
"aroma" caesar salad, parmigiano reggiano, poached egg, sicilian anchovy  10
Satur Farms organic mesclun, beets, radishes, ricotta salata, basil, mint  9

black linguine, poached white shrimp, squid, cherry tomatoes, lobster broth  19
linguine "al cartoccio", baby clams, fennel, white wine  18
strascinati, wild mushroom soffrito, roasted red peppers, moliterno  17
garganelli, roasted artichokes, cherry tomatoes, pine nuts  16
orecchiette, sweet fennel & spicy sausage, broccoli rabe, pesto, pecorino  16
bucatini "cacio, pepe e uovo", pancetta arrotolata  18
gnocchi, braised leg of lamb & artichoke ragu, pepper caprino  18
cortecce, angus beef short rib & royal trumpet ragu, spiced ricotta  19

Meats and Fish

oven roasted wild branzino, octopus & squid ink risotto cake, rocket, fennel & citrus salad  21
sicilian meatloaf, herbed polenta, cipolline onion, red pepper pesto, mascarpone  17

aglianico braised NZ lamb shank, corona beans, escarole & pancetta ragu  19

marinated heirloom broccoli rabe, merguez sausage  9
braised tuscan kale, ceci beans  7

gianduja panna cotta, homemade nocciola gelato  8

molten chocolate cake, vanilla gelato, chamomile syrup  9
cinnamon raisin bread pudding, stracciatella gelato, cinnamon anglaise  8
frutti di bosco crostata, balsamic glaze  8
homemade gelato and sorbet trio  8
traditional italian cheeses, poached dried fruits  15
Daily ~ 5pm to 11 (midnight on Friday and Saturday)

Dinner is served in our Main Dining Room and Farmhouse Room.

Experiment with new flavors and taste combinations on Mondays with our Chef Tasting Menu with five courses for $35, optional wine
pairing for $25 and live guitar.

On Sundays, we feature a
prix fixe menu with three courses for $29 and classical guitar.

Traditional antipasti make a great appetizer or snack on Monday to Friday during
For More Information please contact John Sebastian, publisher
Monday to Thursday ~
5pm to midnight
Friday & Saturday ~ 5pm
to 1am

Sunday ~ 5pm to midnight

Call 212-375-0100 to
make your reservation
for one of our special
events  or dinner.

We accept Visa and
Mastercard ~ minimum
purchase $20.

We have over 150 wines
(including half bottles and
magnums) from most
Italian regions and an
extensive “wine by the
glass” program. You can
choose a “flight” of any
four wines from the wines
by the glass or we can help
you pair the wines with
your courses. You can also
taste and learn about three
wines selected by our
sommelier every Monday
through Friday during

Complete Wine List
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