Brooklyn Location
Mountainside NJ, location
Statan Island
Our Brooklyn Restaurant spans three
levels. The Main Level features a full Sushi
Bar, fourteen Hibachi tables and several
private tables for two.

While dining, enjoy our beautiful 600-gallon
salt water aquarium!

Watch in amazement as our Expert Chefs
prepare the dinner in front of you using
various Hibachi style cooking techniques!

The Lower Level contains a private party
room, enclosed in glass and features four
Hibachi tables seating forty people

Our spacious Samurai Lounge with full
Sushi bar, are also located in the Lower
Level, has a beautifully designed bar and a
great atmosphere. There are also cocktail
tables so that you can enjoy our delicious
appetizers and exotic drinks.

The Upper Level is a new addition to our
restaurant. A party room holds up to 50
people and has a lounge area with
comfortable couches and cocktail tables.

The sight of the exotic plants and sound of
falling water from the handcrafted waterfalls
will transport you out of the everyday
dining experience! Step over the see through
bridge into a dining room with an attentive
staff that is eager to make your night a
memorable one!

After you walk over our glass bridge, you
will step into our elegantly appointed 70
seat sushi dining room where you have a
choice of being seated at a private table or at
the sushi bar. Once seated, our highly
trained sushi chefs will temp your palate
with our house specialties or perfectly
prepared sushi.

Entering our 20 table hibachi dining room
you will find yourself in an atmosphere of
fun and excitement. Our hibachi grills hold
groups from 9 to 12 guests and our double
grill can hold up to 23 guests.

In our Samurai Lounge our “sunken bar” has
been designed for your dining pleasure, we
offer cozy booths and private tables.

Our Staten Island location is the original
Arirang Hibachi Restaurant. This location
has been serving patrons for 20 years now,
and is still going strong!

Our beautifully designed dining area has
thirteen Hibachi tables and also contains
private tables for an intimate dinner for two.

Watch in amazement as our specially
trained chefs dazzle you with an array of
cooking techniques.

The upper lever is the Samurai Lounge and
Sushi Bar (see photo). Enjoy a drink from
our large selection of tropical flavors or,
even better, have some splendidly prepared
sushi from our Sushi Bar.

The large colorful Saltwater Aquarium sits
in the middle of our Dining area. This
aquarium has over 11 types of fish, 17 in
all. This includes: Look Downs, Yellow
Tangs, Garibaldi, Heniochus, Blue Chin
Trigger, Volian Lion, Sunset Wrasse,
Tomato Clown, Emperor Angel, Naso Tang
and Hippo Tang.
Conveniently located in Sayreville, NJ, Arirang adds a modern flare
to a traditional Japanese design.

The entrance of the restaurant has a 35 foot tower ceiling and is
surrounded by three rock fountains.

Our extensive dining area has sixteen Hibachi tables and is designed
with Oak and Japanese trees throughout.

The Sushi Bar has its own section surrounded by wooden posts.

The lounge area has a sunken bar with television sets and cocktail

Complete Dinner Includes:
Hibachi Shrimp Appetizer (3 pcs), Traditional Soup,
House Salad w/lemon-orange or creamy-ginger dressing,
Oriental Vegetables, Rice, Ice Cream or Sherbet & Green
Tea upon request

You may substitute a different soup and/or salad
on this page for the additional charge listed
Ichi – Ni – San - Shi!!!
Arirang Restaurant
A Truly Unique Japanese Hibachi Steak
House and Samurai lounge.
Ichi – Ni – San - Shi!!!
Means 1 2 3 4 in Japanese and it is the prelude to the banging of the ancient gong in the song
Bonsai which brings invitation to the Teppanyaki chefs
To perform magic on their Hibachi stage’s for an authentic,
fresh and delicious dish for diners served with style and flare at the Arirang Restaurant in Bay
Ridge Brooklyn.
As I entered the restaurant the first image that came to mind
Was Dr Han’s island retreat in the movie Enter The Dragon with Bruce Lee.
In the film the guests are invited to attend a feast for the upcoming martial arts tournaments, in
the room where the feast takes place there are dancing acrobats tumbling and bouncing around
the room in a circle dressed in colorful silks and traditional uniforms representing many Asian
cultures, dueling Sumo Wrestlers and musicians playing Chinese instruments.
Dr Han is introduced by the banging of the Gong and the tournaments participants are chosen
by silver darts that are thrown into apples in mid air by his beautiful daughters who also serve as
his personal guard.
The traditional use of color and materials in the building of his palace are similar in the Bay
Ridge location of Arirang.
Dark woods and smoky mirrors ornamented with gold latticework
compliment guests of all ages and add a certain mysterious ambiance to the experience, I asked to be seated in an area where I could observe the restaurant
From a distance, I was then taken to the dining area in the lower of three levels in the restaurant and placed next to a gentleman who would be the guide on a
culinary journey that included some of the best the menu had to offer.    
Dash a young Asian man with a quiet and soft spoken way about
Him suggested that I start with one of their specialty drinks to start the meal
and take a little bit of the edge off and I noticed the ceramic creatures that you could have the drink served in, there was the Buddha with a belly button that a
straw protruded from and a cat with a paw in the air as a sign of hello and welcome
and several other images that reminded me a lot of Hawaiian drinks served in Chinese restaurants with umbrellas and of course these drinks come with Umbrellas
as well, his recommendation was a Zombie that I thought was a Hote until I found out that was the name of the Buddha I was drinking the zombie from.
He also mentioned that this was a drink that would sneak up on me And boy was he right. I started the meal with a Gyoza Soup and moved on to a Sashimi
salad that is served on a bed of lettuce in a circular arrangement of black pepper tuna sashimi. For those of you watching your weight this may be the perfect
option  Each food is easily differentiated and has a flavor that stands on its own. With an addition
of a hand roll from the sushi bar this is a meal that’s not only filling but also delicious in every
bite you take.
Dash ordered several dishes from the kitchen for us to share
And each was more impressive in its presentation than the next.
The Hawaiian role was a grilled chicken wrapped around crabmeat and spinach and spices the
perfect roll for those of you who may be allergic to raw fish.
Thank goodness I am not allergic to seafood
Because Arirang does seafood better than most sushi and Asian restaurants I have dined in.  
Anatole the bartender and waiter for the evening catered to the busy crowd but also made some
additional suggestions that I have to thank him for next time I am there.
He asked in a lively up-tempo voice, John do you like Lobster and Filet Mignon
Which made me so excited at that moment that all I could say was yes as I nodded my head in
approval.  The Steak was a medium rare and it meted in my mouth and the lobster which by the
way if you have not read the Lobster Roll… story in the archive section of the online magazine
then I will just say again yes.
I have to say yes to Lobster!!  
The Lobster Steak dish was served straight off the hibachi piping hot with the steam rolling off
the dish sending me into a dreamy state of food bliss.
Anatole a very talented and good looking young bartender mentioned that I should try two of their
sake specialty’s   which included the top of the line Gingo sake followed by a desert sake called
Lemon Grass Sake.
By this time my senses were at a high point so to speak and there it was
The opening to The Bonsai song!!! (Also known as the hooray song)
Appearing magically from the smoke in the Hibachi area a party of 10
Were about to be treated to a special show by not one but two Teppanyaki chefs who would
proceed to do a Japanese version of Tom Cruise in cocktail and instead of liquor bottles these
guys were using knives and other shiny utensils and did I mention fire, yes they were playing
with fire from the grill like the girl breathing fire at the circus but don’t worry diners this show is
completely safe and is done nightly usually to celebrate a birthday for large groups and party’s.
To top off the evening a desert of fried ice cream in two varieties chocolate and vanilla made this
an experience I would recommend to everyone in the family and due the nature of darker lighting
for atmosphere this is also the perfect place for a date. Managed by an experienced staff this is a
Brooklyn favorite you should not miss.    
The New York Optimist
February 2009