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The Wicked Monk
9510 3rd Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11209
Telephone: 347-497-5152
Lobster!! Lobster!! Lobster!!
Its summertime and I have gone Lobster crazy!!!
I don't think I could have found a better place to grab some ice cold beer and dine on some of the tastiest and
most succulent lobster that I have had in some time.
The Wicked Monk, a famous staple of the Brooklyn bar scene for over 20 years has changed locations.
Now located at 9510 3rd Avenue between 95th and 96th Street in Bay Ridge Bklyn,
In a huge theme based space that feels like you are walking into an old Irish Gothic Monastery complete with an
original wood bar and stained glass windows shipped directly from the chapel in Greenmount Monastery
(Gallows Green), Cork, Ireland, which was built in 1897, replacing a monastery which stood on the site
previously since 800 AD  fitting the name Wicked Monk nicely.

I loved the older location it was one of my  favorite stops for good cold drinks billiards and some live music that
would sometimes knock you on your kaboose of course the decor was very similar outside of it being an Irish
pub as opposed to a restaurant bar.
In the new location they have taken everything up a notch or two in all areas, the food first and foremost is way
beyond any bar food  I have sampled in quite a long time.
In fact this is not bar food this is high level restaurant quality goodness
Lobster Salad served chilled in a circular mold like a sculpture with big delicious chunks of mouth watering
lobster meat, orange segments and guacamole tossed with a spicy citrus mayonnaise, no shell cracking here
only savoring the flavor.

And there is more but lets start with the reason that this menu pops off the page with everything that’s just good,
Executive Chef Russell Titland is bringing a creative spin on traditional dishes and creating what can only be
described as art.  Move over top chef!

Lobster Macaroni and Cheese? Yes and the combination of herbs and fine selection of cheese fresh lobster,
bacon, asparagus and corn, make this dish so sumptuous that I had to take it home and enjoy it in privacy.     
There are 5 selections of mac and cheese and you can be certain that I will be back to try the
Spinach and Artichoke version.

The Burgers are high quality butcher block style fresh sirloin burger with a melt in your mouth flavor, that I wish I
had enough room to enjoy each selection, and there was still one more dish that knocked my socks off, Roasted
grilled half chicken served over a cherry tomato risotto, with corn and arugala.     
Sitting back and absorbing the busy energetic atmosphere, families, friends, couples, and loyal patrons I felt
right at home. The Manager Billy Deluca went out of his way to make feel extra special suggesting favorite
dishes from the menu and giving me an insider’s look into how The Wicked Monk came to be one of the hottest
spots in a neighborhood filled with restaurants.
He even gave me an article he had a written about the restaurant for a local neighborhood newspaper, but no
plagiarizing here Billy although I give a high five on your writing as it made me smile more than once.

So lets add this up, hearty creative satisfying menu, beautiful women, this includes the lovely Megan, my very
sweet hearted waitress, live music, moody interior themes, that take you to another time and place in History,
did I mention an ever changing menu by a chef who is master at his craft.
And a background story about the
owner and founder of this amazing restaurant.   
You have the makings for a Wicked Good Time!     
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