Description of the work carried out by Stefano Bianco in thirty years of activity, demonstrating the evolution undergone by
his art over the years.

His first studio was in via Pavia 8, next to 'home, in a courtyard of the old Milan Navigli in which even a furnace running
again manually the mixture of bricks.

We are just around the seventies and with the bricks "by hand" began its activity.

It combines brick and assembles like a puzzle, processes them and gives a chisel-shaped figures and objects, or use them
as inserts in sculptures made with other materials such as tuff and iron.

And 'this period of his inclusion in the cultural world Milanese architects, musicians, graphic artists, designers, actors,
crowding the study and are thus laid the foundations for lasting and fruitful collaborations.
Here among his other works carried out to the home of a renowned hair stylist in Milan published on the CASA VOGUE
September 1978

the lamp "phoenix"
small sculptures purchased by a famous designer of international renown
the sculptures "Motorcycle" - "Dancer" - "Totem" - "Eagle" and many others.
This period will last until the eighties.

The bricks are no longer mixed by hand even in the old furnace. The new mixtures give rise to artifacts too friable that no
longer allow the use of the chisel, are no longer mouldable.

Stefano Bianco then be directed to other materials: tuff stone or Sarnico, Vicenza stone, Travertine.
Appear the first attempts at sculpture in Carrara marble, shy, with an almost reverential fear towards that so precious
material made famous by great predecessors.

Its activity ranges over multiple fields, from figurative sculpture, to integrated and interior design, from here: fireplaces,
tables, lamps, objects, coatings Entire Premises floors.

One of his works "FROM SEED TO FRUIT" travertine, iron and Vicenza stone, commissioned by ENICHEM Agriculture, is
exposed to Fieragricola of Verona.
Another in stone and iron, "PLUNGER", is exposed on the Naviglio Pavese at the first festival of canals organized by the
Municipality of Milan.
A large bas-relief stone-fountain is the background to the swimming pool in a villa in Valdagno.

Another sculpture in stone and iron, is of this era "the Knight". Purchased by the Jolly Hotel in 1986, exhibited at the Jolly
Hotel President in Largo Augusto in Milan for fifteen years, and since 2000 located in the lobby of the hotel itself.

In addition to these and many other works have been performed by Stephen White in the years '80 - '86

Frames for fireplaces sold by SUPERIOR in schowroom in Via della Spiga
Sculptures for a stay for a leader in the frozen confectionery Eupilio
Frame made of tufa and brick fireplace for the villa in Ancona of an entrepreneur footwear
Fireplace in Vicenza stone for an elegant accommodation in Bergamo
The large frames made for fireplaces in Porto Cervo published in AD 55 and n ° 62
Stone cladding of Vicenza in the bathroom for a prestigious private clients in central Milan
Continue after his collaboration with the Jolly Hotel and creates works of coating and decoration for the hotel Lotti in Paris
and the Palace Hotel in Turin.

In this period also the great statues in marble of Carrara: "Lying figure" 1987 "PAPA '" of 1988, the frame of the fireplace
on a Moscow street and bas-reliefs of S. Sofia to Milan.

The late 80s and the nineties, even Stefano Bianco bring considerable difficulties; first of all the need of having to change
By way of Pavia, 8 was approved a recovery plan and in the place of the old furnace and other workshops will rise
buildings with very different characteristics.

He moved his studio in Via La Spezia, 5. Despite the economic crisis affecting all sectors, Stefano Bianco is on the
threshold of his artistic maturity; gets rid of fears youth meets and compare with other artists and put his talent at the
disposal of others.

1990 are, in fact, his "sculpture lessons" at the social center of Milan Garibaldi and his work (... "the grace of a female
figure" - Corriere della Sera of 28 April 1990) performed "live" in front of the students of art schools in Milan, was
inaugurated by the Culture dr. Parini. The sculpture is still placed under the loggia by Bramante combining Garibaldi
Square Marengo.

E 'of this period the sculpture in Carrara marble "FIGURE PRONE" in addition to bronze, to paintings, small sculptures,

In '92 he makes the decision to leave the home in Milan and Pavia Oltrepò Romagnese reside with his wife and two small
children. Reopens as well, his atelier in Milan, to organize personal of his works, but also because the "space" is used by
other artists; here then the "show" if you can call it "Perdiletto" belongs, involving big names Italian artistic culture as
Michelangelo Antonioni, Luca Formenton, Yoshi Nagasaka, Kobi Wiesendanger, (the Day of April 24, 1993 - Corriere
della Sera of 25 aprile1993) and the "TEMPLE OF THE ARTS" where, in a "temple" made of stone Sarnico from White,
performing poets and painters.

In May 1994 he participated in MIART of Milan, Spring Fair and trade show for independent artists, where, in his booth,
display their works in stone:

"WOMAN" in 1993 in Vicenza stone
"WARRIOR WOMAN" in 1994 in Vicenza stone and brick
"BAS" in 1994 in Sarnico stone and iron
together with new brick sculptures, which have aroused much interest in his friend and art critic Valerio Deho '.

Meanwhile, the City of Romagnese appointed him to the realization of eight "bas-relief" large to be included in the
"discussion" of the cemetery, representing the most significant events in the history of the country

It will take two years for the artist to finish the eight major figurative bas-reliefs for a total of 26 square meters. of carved
It is the permanent home in April of '95.

It 's still 1995 "THE ALTAR" for the church of Our Lady of the Snows in the hamlet. Ossio of Romagnese.

The sculpture "MALE FIGURE" boulders in 1995 was purchased by Marchesa Malaspina and placed in the garden of his
home in Zavattarello.

From April 12 to June 1, 1997 opens the exhibition "RETROSPECTIVE", works since 1975, at the Palazzo Dal Pozzo in
Montebello della Battaglia (Pv).

In the same year the City of Zavattarello gives way to the realization of a "FONTANA BASSORILIEVO" Sarnico stone
placed in Piazza Dal Verme and he is given another bigger assignment: a large sculpture, one block golden stone of three
meters of 'height, depicting a "SEMINATORE." The sculpture, which was inaugurated in the presence of authority, the
'June 8, 1997.

In the autumn of the same year moved his residence in the former stables of the Castello Dal Verme in Zavattarello; ideal
dwelling and suggestive within the walls of the castle and the center of a forest located on top of a hill that borders the
The renovation project of the castle Dal Verme is in place and in it are placed the capitals of the colonnade a terrace, all
of different shapes, made by Stefano Bianco in Vicenza stone.

The artist continues to work to the arrangement of the castle Dal Verme in 1998-99 with other works commissioned by the
City Council,

The entrance portal on the drawbridge stone berettino
the frame Sarnico stone for the fireplace place in the "Room of the guard"
stands for a conference table in Vicenza stone
the Altar of the Chapel in red Verona marble
the baptismal font in the same stone
the "kind warrior" gray tuff Venetian place, to welcome, in front of one of the entrance doors of the courtyard.
"Little girl upset" stone fountain of Sarnico
A fountain in red Verona marble, waiting for final placement in the inner courtyard of the castle.

Some of these works are visible on the book "OLTREPO 'AND AROUND - Fortresses, Castles and Old Houses" - ed.
EDO - page 152 -163

There are still other sculptures of this period:
- "Luigia Pallavicini fall from a horse" carparo Puglia
- "Eve" in Vicenza stone
- "Angel" carparo Puglia

And yet the relief to the square of Valverde, a small monument dedicated to the Resistance.

In November 1999, he was placed in St. Luke Church Jubilee of Pavia, the 'Ambo Gotthard carved stone in the courtyard
of the nearby Church of San Primo and San Feliciano, under the curious eyes of the residents of the center.
In the related leased to the Church gives birth to a multicultural center where the artist was invited to exhibit some of his
works in conjunction inauguration of the renovated church.

It 'easy to see that the end of the nineties and the beginning of 2000 marked, in the artistic life of the sculptor, the
foundations for a new path that "he does not hesitate to call" his true road ": the rediscovery of the sacred "(monthly Motta
News December 2000).
And in fact, after months of study and sketches started carving a stone altar of Verona depicting a pomegranate tree, the
symbol of the brotherhood St. John of God, for the church of the new building, connected to the existing structure of the
rest house Fatebenefratelli Trivolzio in the province of Pavia.

The ferment and the working atmosphere in the pipeline for the extension to the nursing home, directed by the enthusiasm
of the Prior Brother André, mean that the sculptor is able to complete the difficult work of inlay altar but also other sacred

the gateway to the church in Vicenza stone
l 'ambo, the same stone, made in two different heights so that, in the lower part, the reading of Sacred Scripture also
guests on wheelchair
the wall that encloses the Tabernacle gray tuff and yellow Venetian
the baptismal font
the benches for the ministers and the celebrant
the entrance of the new complex of the nursing home in gray tuff Veneto
stands for the wooden statues
the abacus and columns for the flowers and the paschal candle
the designs of stained glass inserts, brass and aluminum embossed with a chisel by the artist.
The church, completed by the rites of Holy Week was inaugurated by the Bishop of Pavia Msgr. Giovanni Volta April 17,

On October 21, 2001 in Albury (Pv), in the Council Chamber of the Town Hall, five are placed in Sarnico stone bas-reliefs
that represent the history of the country.

At the beginning of 2002, the artist commissioned Fatebenefratelli Trivolzio the latest furniture for the Church of St Richard
Pampuri: the reliquary to house the heart of the Saint, also made of Vicenza stone.

On 25 April 2003, on the occasion of the commemoration of the Liberation, opens the placement of two bas-reliefs,
representing the country's history of Filighera (Pv), and going to decorate the existing war memorial place in the square
next to the cemetery.

On 24 May 2003, on display in Crema, Marilisa Leone in the atelier of the event "THE LAND OF THE EARTH ', sculpted
by some bricks:

Woman and cat
Mother and child
Figure lying
And also their "leftover sculpture" collected in numbered panels designed to represent the conceptual works is part of the
same small works.

In 2004 the sculptor Stefano Bianco returns to want to find a space in Milan and is about to build a house gallery "HOME
GALLERY" at the Naviglio Pavese area, he remained in my heart after nearly fifteen years of estrangement.
Inside the gallery-are now exhibited a new series of sculptures stems of mixed media paintings-panels, drinking fountains
and stone furnishings, all made exclusively by the artist.

On 29 July 2006, he inaugurated the Stele in memory of Henry Crevani, Mayor Town of Romagnese, with the participation
of local authorities and the presence of family members who enthusiastically welcomed the idea of ​​the artist to place the
sculpture at the entrance of the Garden Alpine Stone Corva garden that Crevani had devised.

The beginning of 2007 saw the sculptor committed to carrying out the last work for the completion of the castle Dal Verme
in Zavattarello: a large frame, size cm. 245 x 205, carved in bas-relief for the fireplace of the "Party Room".

In August 2009, the exhibition of "Tapestries - warps of paper and other" - at the 'BCC Auditorium San Marzano di San
Giuseppe in Grottaglie (Ta).
The initiative, promoted by the credit ionic and sponsored by the Municipality of Grottaglie, pigeonhole about 50 works of
well-known sculptor and painter divided into five sections (Small Size, The Great, The Medium, The Olympics, The

Stephen White, born in Milan on 19 May 1947, is self-taught.

Other publications:

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