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Sanchos Restaraunt -7410 3rd Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11209 - (718) 748-0770
Imagine stepping back in  time to a place where men were gentlemen and women were
kind and courteous, Caballeros and Senoritas gathered together in the town square to attend elegant events in the finest capes and corsets
bedazzled in jewels that sparkled in the fading light of dusk. This is a mood a feeling, an atmosphere where one
feels formal and relaxed all at once.

Sancho’s restaurant in Bay Ridge Brooklyn has been in  business for over thirty years now
which in the restaurant business is quite an achievement. I asked Celso the owner of Sancho’s
the secret to his success and his reply: the food is always the freshest quality seafood, poultry, and meats that you can find. But there had to be more
to the answer behind the longevity of this famous bistro in Bay Ridge. The answer in my opinion is  aroma, flavor, selection and overall presentation
and that feeling that here you can be more aware that the finer things in life are free and can actually enhance an ordinary existence and make life
well, just more liveable.  .

Families and couples filled this Spanish bistro on a Wednesday evening in the early stages of the coming summer to  enjoy the wonderful food
homemade sangria, and the cordial atmosphere created by Celso and his staff.
We started with an ice cold pitcher of Sangria at the bar, within minutes Celos had managed to whip this together with a  long handled wooden spoon
some red wine and few other magical ingredients. We were then brought to the table to begin a very fine dining experience.
Shrimp cocktails always a favorite at any quality restaurant. It sets the pace for the rest of the meal and  clues you into the fresh seafood factor -
check - delicious.

House Special Lobster Paella, did I mention in a previous article that I have went lobster crazy,
well the madness continues.. Served in a large silver caldron steaming hot and the waiter attends to the details, muscles - check, lobster - check,
savory yellow rice - check, scallops  - check -  all of my favorites in working order. This dish is very popular based on several other tables also
enjoying this classic house special.
Of course the menu is to die for.
And we had the opportunity to try some of the best the menu offers.
Chicken Ajillo: Garlic Chicken, simple delicious, tender (taking chicken to a new level, and if you did not think this was possible think again this is not
your average garlic chicken.)

Finally the Prime Rib. this beautiful cut of steak had to be at least three inches thick served medium rare a little fresh pepper and few dashes of salt
yes a meat eater’s dream.

Now this is not man against food, so don’t try eating all this food at once at home.
It is during these special occasions that taking the rest of the food home is so appropriate.
They call them doggie bags but I don’t have a dog so guess what kind of sandwich I am having for lunch, thats right Prime Rib, alla Sancho!!
Celso thank you for reminding me that manners and a calm relaxed demeanor can go such a long way on all occasions.             .