The show we are doing in November with the Red Siren collective  is Called ‘Broken Beauty’ ...  the title is derived from a
quote by the man writing about translating the book ‘Clarimonde"’  The quote says.... ‘The Broken Beauty of the lines is
unavoidably lost in the translation’  I think it is a common conundrum of all artists, whether they be visual artists or writers,
that the message they often are trying to convey is  misinterpreted by the viewer or the reader.. Sometimes this is
intended sometimes not... much to the dismay and confusion of the viewer when they inevitably get the message wrong.
Although each individuals idea of beauty is wholly personal, one person seeing something that another does not see..
With this group of 25 very individual artists we are bringing 25 different ideas of beauty together in one show.

My images:
'What the sea gave me
Wrath of Raven
Man o war
Cradle of Love
The Morrighan
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laurie Mcclave
Man O War
What the sea gave me
Wrath of Raven
The Messenger
The Morrighan
Laurie McClave, prolific figure and fantasy artist, features myth, legend and vision in her female representations of the
elegant goddess and mystical divine. Precise and bold, her work helps us imagine moral, ethical and political import while
simultaneously wowing us with sophistication and style.”
She has been drawing and painting obsessively since she was a young child. Growing up in California in the 60s and 70s
her extended family was full of artists, free-thinking Mad magazine readers and a sprinkling of Catholic comedians.  She
dabbled in Drama, Clothing design, illustration and sculpture in the 70s and 80s before deciding to really get down and
Paint. She decided to put herself back into school and was accepted into The San Francisco Art Institute and while there
earned an honors studio spot.  Laurie concentrated on figure drawing, painting and printmaking, and received her BFA in
Painting in 1994.
Cradle of Love