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The New York Optimist
Energy and Recovery,
-Taimak Guarriello

The most important factors that every athlete, that every person, engaging in a physical activity, wishes to
accomplish. Whether you are a professional 22-year old basketball player, an Olympic class weight lifter or a 67 year-
old woman doing water aerobics, you want to know that you are reaching your peak energy level on a sustained
basis. You want to ensure that you are achieving peak performance at all times.

You want to have extra energy day-to-day and every day. Energy for a workout, energy for a big game and energy in
your daily life. Are you looking for extra energy, recuperative capacity, body regeneration, anti-aging, sexual energy,
mental balance and overall healing?

Energy, by itself, is not everything that you need. You have had a long day and you feel the strain. Or your body's
muscles have undergone a strenuous workout. You are starting to feel those aches and pains that you know will grow
even more over the next day or so, in particular if your body doesn't receive the rest and nutrients that it requires. You
risk that, after exertion, catabolistic effects may lead to muscular breakdown and other forms of micro, and even
macro, damage.

How Protein Extreme Complex Works to Your Benefit

How does Protein Extreme Complex attain the results that you need, as an athlete, as a parent, as a student, or at
work? That is, how do you increase your levels of energy on a sustained basis?

Your body consists of approximately 6 trillion electron moving batteries that are commonly referred to as cells. When
your cells are healthy each one produces between 70 and 100 millivolts, each of which are important to your vital life
energy. What if you could increase your energy in electrons, giving you a sustained energy level?

Vital life energy is dependent on each of your batteries - each of your cells - functioning at a maximum voltage with
unimpeded electron transfer.

Protein Extreme Complex systemically supplies recognizable electrons and balances the transfer system.

Through a balanced systemic release of proteins, anti-inflammatory effects, systemic electrical cellular activation and
anti-xenoestrogen nutrients, Protein Extreme Complex offers your body Energy and Recovery and assists your body
in its recovery, achieving anabolism, or growth, and not catabolism, or breakdown.

Protein Extreme Complex Leads to Endurance and Increased Lean Muscle Tissue

Because glycoprotein delivers a slower, sustained release, these carbohydrate proteins do not overburden the kidneys.
High albumin glycoprotein provides a mild, balanced insulin response allowing it to be assimilated more effectively
once it enters the bloodstream. This enables protein to quickly infuse the cells resulting in less kidney stress and less
metabolic protein waste, such as ammonia. This slower, sustained release of glycoprotein provides a balanced
anabolic state leading to increased lean muscle tissue, strength and endurance for the athlete.

High Net Nitrogen Utilization = Faster Recovery

Why is anabolism so important to an athlete's recovery after exertion? What does it mean after your workout, game or
competition? Anabolic means growth and catabolic means breakdown. Heavy exercise, regardless of whether you are
pushing yourself to the reach to top of the trail on your bike, you're running the Boston Marathon or you're playing a
pickup game of basketball, tends to cause muscle breakdown and other forms of micro, and sometimes macro,

When proteins are ingested a certain percentage are used by the body for anabolic purposes. This is called net
nitrogen utilization (nnu). Some proteins have a higher value to the body. The percent that is not used by the body is
catabolic and the body must remove the acidic protein waste. Proteins with higher nnu ratings assimilate easier and
more completely, thus limiting stress on kidney and liver function when there is less metabolic waste to process. A
healthy functioning liver can prevent oxidation of cholesterol and maintain proper HDL and LDL levels.

Protein Extreme Complex contains no caffeine or stimulants, and instead uses a combination of natural energy
producing supplements and proteins. PEC starts with properties to detoxify foreign estrogens that interfere with health
endocrine function. Xenoestrogens are an athlete’s worse nightmare as they induce inflammation which slow
recuperative capacity. During and after most workouts, the body has a higher than normal free radical load, both our
electron supply and our electron transfer systems become depleted. The combination of the protein and cleansing
quickly corrects the pro inflammatory electron depletion. This leads to more energy for training and faster recovery
for embracing new activities the next day.

Your body's muscles recuperation takes place not during exercise, but while you rest and are at sleep. As you enter
into a deep sleep, growth hormones are secreted which in turn lead to the production of Immunoglobulin-G.

Protein Extreme Complex supplies igf fully intact for enhanced muscle growth and body fat reduction. Your body's
muscles recuperation takes place not during exercise, but while you rest and are at sleep. As you enter into a deep
sleep, growth hormones are secreted which in turn lead to the production of Immunoglobulin-G.

Protein Extreme Complex detoxifies metabolic waste products
allowing for reduced muscle soreness and faster exercise recovery.
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