The New York Optimist
October 2008
2008 winter

The summer just ended and the autumn started where it feels like winter time to
time. Lately, i observe people shopping for the winter. This year brands are
providing quite good clothes to the customers. Here, you will see the
unsubstitutables of this year.
This winter sand tones such as green, brown and creme will lead the fashion. I
advise you to prefer these colors whatever you buy.

Skinny jeans will be replaced with baggy jeans with high crotches.

Thin socks we prefer to wear at the work will keep its popularity. Thin socks in
active colors like pink, red and yellow can be used with mini skirts or winter

Big bags in holdall look will be replaced with small bags. You will need one of the
accessory looking small bags, for night and day use purposes.

Leopard figure will be more conspicuous this year. Leopard figured umbrellas,
glows and scarfs will be more attractive this winter. I would propose you to get rid
of your old umbrellas and get a new one with leopard figures.

Even tough fur coats keep pissing animal lovers off, they will still be used on this
winter. I would like to add that i support the use of fake furs. They look the same
and there is no need to kill any animal.

Sharp fronted shoes will be replaced with rounded front shoes. This season,
patent leather shoes with red base and rounded front boots will be seen. I will be
an obligatory to purchase one of Marc Jacobs, Christian Louboutin and Chic
design shoes.

Boots in fashion will be low topped or below the knee. Especially black patent
leather and Brown leather will be preferred where the tops of the boots will be

I tried to summarise some of the fashion items fort his winter. I wish for everyone
a nice winter and to impress people around you with your nice dresses.
Making Sense of Fashion
By Selda Baskaya, International Fashion Writer