Icon (2006, Installation View)
Seascape (2006, Installation View, at a slant)

Art opening at Vanbrunt Gallery, Beacon New York
The New York Optimist
February 2009
Michael Ricardo Andreev


At three months old Michael moved to Jamaica where he lived sixteen years before returning to New York City, surrounded by flora, fauna,
green grass, green birds and blue mountain peaks ; and this experience helped shape not only his views on the world of people, but also on the
world of space, texture, color and composition.

His more erudite influences include Anselm Kiefer, Robert Motherwell, Gerdhard Richter, Franz Klein, each of whom in their way sought the
common ground between western-style intellectualism and eastern-style spiritualism , as well as the intersection of abstraction and
representation in painting, all salient issues for Andreev. The abstract forms that emerge as dark silhouettes from his wood and metal panels
express a conceptual landscape of pattern and form. The union of these elements, unrelated prior to the moment of conception, develops as a
new relationship in which to discover meaning.

Andreev's works have been received by actress Susan Sarandon, Billy Corgan (Smashing Pumpkin’s), and Michael Stipe (REM), along with
work shown at the Whitney Museum  and collected by the Library Of Congress.

February 14 - March 15, 2009
For the Love of Art
Yamet Arts, Inc. at the Hat Factory
Peekskill, NY

Oct, 2008
Film Art Function, GALAPAGOS ART
The Spark Art Center

Sep, 2008
Paradox Lost and Found, The Spark

1963 Born in New York, NY

1987 School of Visual Arts, New York, NY

Solo Exhibitions

Important Americana, curated by
Surface2Air, New York, NY

Mark Wolfe Contemporary Art, San
Signs and Anomalies, curated by
Surface2Air, BBS Tokyo, Japan

Signs and Anomalies, curated by Chris
Carnabucci, Casola Gallery, Peekskill, NY

Heraldic Images, Greeley Square Gallery,
New York, NY
Heraldic Landscapes, Eickholt Gallery,
New York, NY

Stories in Heraldry, Rodrigues Degranier
Gallery, New York, NY

Denise Bibro Fine Art, New York, NY

Group Exhibitions

Collaboration, Krause Gallery, Atlanta, GA
Drawing the Line Against Domestic Abuse,
Kathleen Cullen, NYC

Van Brunt Gallery, Beacon, NY
New Paintings, including works by
Richard Butler and David Barratt, Van
Brunt Gallery, Beacon, NY
Inside Out, Jonathan Shorr Gallery, New
York, NY
Streets Mart, curated by Tara Israel and
Angelo Lanza, Show No. 1, Fun City,
China House Gallery, New York, NY
Drawing the Line against Domestic
Violence; Artists Against Abuse, Gallery at
the Metropolitan Pavilion

Art Basel, Mc Ciagg Wells Gallery, Miami,
Liverpool Biennial, Blue Coat Gallery,
Liverpool, England
Van Brunt Gallery, New York, NY
Skyline, curated by Maripol for the
European release of the Basquiat film,
Downtown 81, Gallery d’jour at Agnes B,
Paris, France
The Hive Gallery, curated by Nathan
Cartwright, Los Angeles, CA
SCOPE, Hamptons International Art Fair,
curated by Lee A. Wells, East Hampton, NY
The American Flag Show, curated by
Nathan Cartwright, The Hive Gallery, Los
Angeles, CA
Unexpected Visitors, curated by Dana
DeVito, Maxwell Fine Arts, Peekskill, NY
BLessing, curated by Surface2Air, New
York, NY
Traces…from Above and Under, curated
by Juan Garcia, Mildred T. Washington Art
Gallery, Poughkeepsie, NY
BMG 2006 Artist Annual, curated by Jana
des Forges and Dave Kinsey, BLK/MRKT
Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
Birds of a Feather Flock, curated by T.
Charnan Lewis, A Gathering of the Tribes,
New York, NY
Street Urchins, curated by Ronnie Cutrone,
Casola Gallery, Peekskill, NY
Other Dimensions of Abstract Art, curated
by the Andy Warhol Foundation, Tribes
Gallery, New York, NY
East Village ASU, curated by Rick Prol and
Jan Lynn Sokota, B-Side Gallery, New
York, NY
Mask, curated by Michael Ricardo
Andreev, Paramount Center for the Arts,
Peekskill, NY
Pool of Radiance, curated by Marco
Antonini, The Broadway Gallery, New
York, NY
Art of Politics, curated by Nicole Dupont
and Lee Wells, Ashmore Gallery, Miami, FL
Michael Ricardo Andreev