The New York Optimist
July 2008, Vol. 01: Issue 01
Crossing over
The Jump
Justin Alicea
Does Real Art:
Mean you have to go to school
To learn how to create it?
By John Sebastian

The Answer is absolutely not!!!!
In fact school can sometimes destroy what might have been an incredible
original thinker and who may now be inundated with influence and end up
creating art that has been seen over and over again. Of course I am not
saying that art schools have not produced some of the most famous
artists that have ever lived, but I am saying that great artists aren’t always
famous and most times are anonymous characters with little money
working nonstop at developing a unique style of painting or photography
that is undeniably beautiful and real and may never be seen because they
don’t have the connections that great art schools can provide. Once again
it has nothing to do with training it has everything to do with raw talent
and this can be developed through work period. To reference a famous
artist Jean Michel Basquiat whose work has nothing in common with the
photographer this article is about aside from the inner depth that New
York Landscapes and their inhabitants provide.
Justin a 30-year-old photographer, wait he doesn’t like to be referred to as a photographer
necessarily he is actually a network administrator for HRA a Human resources company that works
with public assistance and food stamps. First tip Justin you are what you say you are and of course
what you do. I applaud you though for your honest approach towards life because believe me I have
met people who boast about being artists when they are actually just what they do stuffed shirt
lawyers with very little talent chasing an ambulance called art.

Justin Alicea believe me you are a great photographer and that’s why I am featuring you in this
magazine and will help you realize your dream whatever that may be. Modesty is a quality that I
recognize because I like Justin come from an artistic family who were all extremely modest and
sometimes secretive about their art. Justin is a real New Yorker born and raised in Brooklyn, but his
family who are sculptures Painters and Photographers are from locations like Tunisia, France
And Puerto Rico.

With such a rich ethnic background its no surprise that Mr. Alicea has a gift for seeing into the
subjects that he photographs. We here at The New York Optimist magazine wish you great success
and urge you to continue taking photographs because I guarantee people will love them!!
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