The New York Optimist
January 2009
Jillian Ann: Editorial
The Transition - Phase One

I realized I wanted to do something good, for myself for the planet, I wanted
to live a life worth living. After you die and come back like it or not it can
alter your perspective of life and how you live it or at least it did for me.
What I have learned in the years after is much of what I was doing was causing
harm to myself and to others, harm in ways I would have never thought of because
I didn't question where my food came from, where my clothing came from, what
was in my cleaners, what I was pouring down the sink and therefore back into the
sea, ocean, sky and into my body. I was a model I didn't question all the
chemicals in makeup but for years I was afraid to leave home without it because
I thought without it I was not as pretty. The list goes on the more I sunk my
teeth into understanding and questioning my effect by the choices I made the
more I realized how many small choices I could make which would be so much
better for me for the planet for the people around me. Coming to understand that
these choices were not going to cost me more overall and in the long run, that
these choices allowed me to feel free, happy, and healthy, caused me to want to
continue to make these choices because they made me feel good inside out. Not
because anyone told me to, in fact most of these choices are not what has been
advised to us by the media, now there is a shift happening because being healthy
and green is hip now and so the industry sees a way to profit which is a
positive thing as long as we continue to read the labels and really make sure
its good for us.

Phase one for anyone now would be to start questioning, starting reading, start
digging and understanding granted I could spend hours breaking it down
scientifically how our cells are altered by the food we eat the water we drink
the air we breathe and when our cells stop reproducing as strong or healthy as
they were because they can't because of the water, air, food, etc then we
start to age, die, get wrinkles, and so on and so forth. Think of your body as a
miniature planet earth, our bodies are so incredibly complex its utterly mind
blowing to really think about it, just as the planet is amazingly complex and
intertwined. In our bodies there are billions of little beings we can call them
cells but they are like people, they all have jobs, they must all work, they
have goals and there is billions of them working to keep us alive. Now if we
were god they would be humanity, lets just pretend we are god of our bodies and
inside are billions of people, if we shove toxic waste on top of them, give them
poison, remove them from the sun, not allow them the sleep they need, make them
work and when they get tired because they need sleep give them drugs to make
them work longer even though its not natural,they wouldn't be very happy. In
fact they would either die slowly trying to keep working till they just
can't, they would rebel and go haywire and maybe create something (like
cancer) to just wipe everyone out including there master (cancer is like a war
inside). I mean if we did what we did to our bodies to other people it could be
compared to trapping people in a concentration camp and killing them slowly.
Our bodies like humans need a few things, and we are the master of our own little universe here, no one else if your bodies master, they may try to be but
just like no one else can control our minds or souls unless we let them its the same story with our bodies. That being said is we beat and abuse our bodies we
can't be surprised when we get sick, depressed, anxiety, cancer, insomnia, unhappy, diabetes or overall just stop working. If you don't water a plant
and give it sunshine it dies, If you water a plant with poison it dies, so why are we ok with watering our bodies and the planet with poison are we really
trying to wipe out humanity and ourselves? I have considered trying to appeal to the "save the planet " organizations because really the planet will go
on, but we won't it should really be the save the humanity campaign because it us who is on the verge of maybe wiping ourselves out. I almost wiped myself
out, I was there, and it took it to wake get me to really think, I just hope we don't have to really almost have a collective wipe out in order to realize our bodies are alive, we
are alive, we are not meant to be just workers who work, buy, live, die all the time wondering why we feel like something is wrong.

This is the part I could go on for a long time on how many corporations ( not
all ) job is to sell you something, you may not need, may not want and may not
be good for you, but that doesn't matter to many of them the only thing that
matters is making more profit at any expense. So don't just trust it because
it comes from a big corporations, just because it has a cool commercial does not
mean its not going to cause you harm. I am gong to skip over the part about how
twisted it all can really be and just say as a fashion model I became very
conflicted pretty early on, I was told to do unhealthy things in order to get
work, then the work I got I realized was sometimes all about pushing something I
would never drink or eat, I didn't want to be unhealthy or push products
which were unhealthy and so I started doing more artistic work, more personal
work, more gallery work, work for designers and some more corporate work but I
became aware if I was being used to push something I wanted to push something I
actually felt was at least safe. I realized the industry is all about selling
something which is fine I am in support of selling things, I just think things
should be sold to people which are good for them and of a good quality.

So now lets go over the list of the easy simple things you can start with in
order to make a positive healing and real change choice by choice. These will
not cost you more money not in the long run cancer will drain so much cash out
of you as well as any other disease or sickness that spending a little more
money day to day will not come close to a major problem that needs fixing. In
the east its about prevention in the west they just wait till its broken to
worry about it more often then not, in my studies of eastern medicine it was
amazing how much thought was put into what seem like day to day activities and
that thought makes a big difference just as our little choice our day to day
1. Throw away all cleaners which are not natural and do not use them or let anyone else use them in your house again ever .It is not more
expensive to use natural cleaners if so we are talking a dollar or two, or go old fashioned and use backing soda and vinegar, its the age of
the internet all you need to know is out there, I will explain more later but in the meantime you can look it up:) also there are brands like
ecover, Dr bronner's, seventh generation and soon... Say goodbye to all that other stuff your house will smell better, your pets and
children will be happier and your body and cells will like you much more

2. Eat REAL food, REAL WHOLE food, I am not going to tell you to be a raw food vegan, but I will tell you to eat real food, which
means if your going to eat meat eat Grass Feed Organic Meat, if your going to eat fish look at a chart and make sure its low on the
mercury levels, if you are going to do dairy Kefir, Yogurt, Raw Cheese, Raw Milk are best, back in the day we milked the cow and
drank it we didn't wait a month and kill the milk. I am not a big dairy fan but the above is in the list of the better forms of dairy to eat if
you chose to do so. If you are going to eat bread eat whole grain sprouted bread like
ezekiel bread, mana bread, and so on ( they have it almost everywhere now) eat ORGANIC and if you can get it from a FARMERS
market its SO much better that way. For one thing it taste better and we deserve to taste and eat amazing food, its fresher, you can
support the local community, and eating what is local and in season is better for you body. Buy Local, its hard in cities and in the middle
of nowhere but TRY to buy and eat local organic food as much as possible. By doing this you can help the planet your community and
your body. If you are going to use salt and salt is good just the write kind of salt use sea salt I personally use  himalayan sea salt it taste
better and so I have to use it. Say goodbye to junk food, fast food, and white food, being white sugar, white rice, white bread, its white
because they processed it to death and took all the best stuff out. Real food is so much better tasting so much better for you and you can
eat like you are at a five star restaurant everyday because most of them serve you high quality food which means real food. This being
said for sugar switch to raw honey, raw agave, or stevia, just do it, its so much better for you. For dressings use COLD pressed organic
oils, Olive oil, Flaxseed Oil, Hemp Oil, using a little of each and rotating is a good idea along with lemon and or
vinegar. Spice up your life use lots of onions, garlic, ginger, cumin, indian curry powder, cayenne pepper, turmeric, and black pepper. My
father said since he has been eating a clove of garlic a day he hasn't gotten a cold. The spices above are medicine and help heal and detox
protect and heal the body in amazing ways and can make food taste amazing as well. Avoid the soy, stick to the almond milk, hemp milk,
etc, use seeds and nuts sprouts and even eggs and fish is better then soy. If you want to eat animal products eggs and fish would
be first on the list because of the upside. Fermented foods are good for you, like sauerkraut, kimchi, miso, and so on, just make sure they
are organic as usual. But eat real food, I will write more in detail about this later, but if there is some weird name on the package don't eat
it, weird chemicals, weird dyes, just avoid it.

3. Drink lots of water but make sure its GOOD water not dead water I use the Athena Filter and then run it through the Nikken filter, the
Nikken is a pretty affordable filter, the Athena is a bit more pricey, but if you can afford it the
best water we have thought of or figured out if your in a city and don't have access to a fresh spring is first getting revers osmosis water
or doing it yourself then adding minerals then running it through the Athena then the Nikken. Or just run reverse osmosis water through
the Nikken for a cheaper option or just use the Nikken with the tap water. Bottled water is not much
better and can sometimes be worse then tap water. The plastic leaches into the water and can disrupt your hormones. So if you are going
to do the bottle water thing use glass and recycle it . Glass is the way to go to store water and drink
water from. When I am on the road I buy glass bottled water or try to bring my own. I love my water at home and love drinking it. Water
is the foundation of our health and we also need to make sure we don't get dehydrated its really easy to forget to drink enough water.

4. If you can invest in a good air cleaner for your bedroom at least these can help keep down the amount of stuff you are breathing in

5. Sunshine you need it like a plant you will die without it vitamin D deficiency is often cause by lack of sunshine so try to get at least 30
min to an hour a day everyday if possible and more when your able, and don't use sunscreen unless its safe and doesn't contain all kinds
of toxic chemicals use a hippy all natural one or none at all.
6. Move your body .. everyday   run,
yoga, dance, walk, rebound, sex,
jump up and down just move your
body and do it EVERYDAY even if
its walking home
then having sex, or running, or yoga,
just do something. Sitting is not very
good for our system, and we do too
much of it between working the
movies and the tv.

7. Love  ... make love, share a hug,
tell someone you love them, love
love your food, love your plants, love
yourself, love something everyday
even if
its for a second

8. Laugh and play  life is meant to be
full of joy and its easy to lose all of
it and get dragged down into fear and
worry, being able to Laugh and play
very healthy, be it joking with your
friends or running in the subway do
something thats fun playful and
makes you smile sometimes

9. Sleep... as much as you can I like
eight hours I used to do four  then I
getting sick because of it, so I try to
do at least six and ideally eight I know
its allot of time but the body needs
rest, we need sleep and not sleeping
slowly make us less focused, less
productive, less healthy and less
happy, so
sleep, and if sleeping with someone
helps curl up with a friend loved one
or a
pet, for the exchange of energy even
non sexual is very healing

10. Read search research question
expand your mind and use your brain
really easy after work to want to just
numb out, try to use some of that
time to
Read, Move, Love, Explore  and Play

11. Dream imagine the life you want,
dream about it, the places you want
to go,
the people you want to see, the things
you want to create, dream about
what you
want to bring into reality

12. Find some silence, in a bathtub, a
shower, a sauna, meditate, pray, in
nature, late at night but find a
moment, an hour, week, or day of
silence... and
reconnect to yourself

to be continued ....
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