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March 2009
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A New Pyramid  
Looking at most modern Americans would be enough to come to the perspective that we are far from healthy. We may be able to
function often with the help of drugs be it pharmaceuticals, legal or illegal drugs, As much as I would like to digress on why the food
pyramid in America in my perspective is not only misleading but was structured highly based on business and business interest rather
then the actual health and healing of its recommendations. I could write an entire book on corruption lies and deception that happen
within the system, be it malicious or not doesn't really matter to me, what makes me passionate about attempting to get people to look
again before they eat is seeing what happens overtime when you don't pay attention and just believe advertising marketing and big
business. But rather then try to break it down in detail I will try to make it simple and clear. Most of the food that makes it into any
massive chain, fast food, pre packaged food, TV dinner, and even nicer chain restaurants isn't really food most of it is void of
nutrients and may contain fat protein and various other chemicals which are often toxic to the body.  Some of us are capable of
adapting and seem to do fine on this diet for some time but recently I have been noticing sadly amongst many of the people I engage
with on a regular basis bodies which without radical change will soon become or have already become weakened and once weakened
past a point often through a slow poisoning of the cellular system the body starts to breakdown. Cancer, Diabetes, Depression,
Fatigue, and the list goes on infect the system and sadly western medicines response to it does not strengthen the body but rather
weakens it, often things will get better for the short term but because often western medicines approach is not about diet, life style,
and deep change but rather a way to ease the pain the body becomes weaker faster then it would without the so called medical help
and then the body dies at a rapid rate because it just can't exists without proper nutrition, pumped full of poison, breathing polluted
air, drinking polluted water and often feeling a bit sad deep inside because on a cellular level it knows something isn't right.

I really don't like seeing people get sick and die, I really don't like to see my friends on the path towards a painful departure, more so
when it doesn't have to be that way. Granted we are all going to die, and I am OK with death, what bothers me is a death of energy,
of spirit, of love, a death of the body mind and soul through slow poisoning that bothers me, more so when the reason it happens has
to do with misinformation, greed and deception. Our food and quality of life has been severely altered by major corporations making
quality sacrifices in order to be more profitable.  Then spending millions of dollars to market products which are often far from the
magic they are marketed to be.  When I was seventeen it hit me one day like a load of bricks that everything I thought was real was
really all about marketing, control, power, and my head spun for sometime. Coming from the fashion industry made me really
question the motives behind everything, which after questioning and reflecting I came to the decision it is all about selling something
granted art hipness and coolness is used to sell products as an artist that had me feeling pretty conflicted but thats another story.
After that light went off I started trying to only view TV advertising etc as a tool being used to persuade me I needed to buy
something. I distanced myself from what I was being sold disconnected the plug and started to dive into the depths of what was
inside and then that lead to the underground. I've been digging through the alternative and underground for over a decade now
searching to find the truth to figure out whats real and whats just another marketing campaign. I have discovered everything through
trial and error, through experimenting for to me that is the only way to know if something is real or not is to tune out of the hype and
into your own reaction and interaction with the experience.

After years of digging I am still learning still growing and know there is much more out there I know nothing about so if you want to
listen and try it do so give it some time and space often when you switch from a non healthy lifestyle or habit to a healthy one its
painful, detoxing and releasing emotions chemicals and feelings can be hard more so when its accumulated over a life time. If you are
really into making a transition realize it takes time and energy when I made my many transitions and am still making them they have
sometimes been easy and other times been more difficult. Over the years I have developed a bit of a mantra when it comes to
suffering, loss, pain, and or difficult situations and that mantra is accepting the suffering as a teacher, embracing the pain, the loss,
whatever comes as a guide as a teacher, lover, and friend. This is not always an easy mindset to maintain and even now when I am
unable to be with someone I love, am not feeling well, loss things people positions in life sometimes it is a challenge just as changing
my diet and releasing the energy that was stored in me . So if you decided to embrace change it often is easier if you embrace
suffering as a teacher and friend rather then an enemy.

If I was able to create a New Pyramid it would work a bit like this...WaterWe are about 70 percent water, we breath in air which has
water in it, there is water everywhere seen or unseen Masaru Emotos work with water has shown us water can be influenced by our
thoughts feelings and intention, In the book " The Secret Life Of Plants" one of the theories on why and how plants can sense our
intention and respond to it was based on water and how it connects us all. In the wonderful hippy influenced world of San Francisco
seeing the words love on bottles at local restaurants is not uncommon, at first it seemed a but silly to me but then I started digging
what is water? How much of our bodies are water? And science showed me that they were on to something. Now time to get a bit
matrixesque on you, water and air are two things we will die rapidly without, it is energy and an energy we cannot live without. That
energy is being filled with chemicals, negative thoughts, death, disease, plastic, and so on. Most the water we get these days is filled
with chemicals if it comes out of a tap, chemicals which alter the structure of the water, causing it to be less utilized and health
providing. When I learned exactly what was in my tap water even the best tap water in the country I did what most of us do, I
switched to bottled water which seemed logical, until I figured out what was exactly in my bottled water and how the plastic that had
leached into the water was now in my body disrupting my hormones which is the last thing anyone wants. So then I watched the
movie " Flow" and continued to research water. What I found out was rather shocking and disturbing, I won't go into all of it but the
bottom line is half the water you're paying tons of money for isn't much better then tap water, but tap water isn't ideal at all, its simple
they are not able to remove everything, and they add stuff to it which is not the best for our bodies. So what is an urban dweller
going to do? I started researching water how to clean it and then restructure it because sadly drinking acidic water full of chemicals
which is what is usually coming out of the tap isn't ideal,  I decided to go with a fairly complicated system since i don't have access
to a well ( and even if you do i would advise filtering and re mineralizing it depending on the mineral content) I run it through the
Athena at alkaline 4 which at first someone tried to tell me was to alkaline but my instinct was that once i was done with all of it that
it would be lower then that. After running it through the Athena then I put it into the Nikken water filter which takes awhile to filter,
then once it comes out I often add some minerals to it . If you want to take it a step further you could reverse osmosis your water
add minerals because they are lost in the process then run it through the Athena or Nikken or other brands which are comparable.
Now the Athena is pricey but you could reverse osmosis your water remineralize it and run it through a Nikken for a very reasonable
price. Now I have become as sensitive to water as food, when I travel and cannot drink my own water or get water from one of my
fellow underground health rebels I try to only buy water in glass bottles which is a bit more expensive but I would rather not have my
hormones scrambled. As strange as it sounds I try to communicate with my water, home, plants, food and other people with the
intention of love and healing, and it seems to work, I have been capable of burning the candle at both ends being highly creative in
many forms and enjoying life intensely more easily since i actually started making water the most important aspect of my diet. Water
is the foundation of the new food pyramid and not just any water but the best purest water you can create or get ahold of .
Considering we are 70 percent water and many of us suffer from dehydration and illness because of lack of water or lack of good
water it only makes sense it would be the foundation of the new pyramid. There is more and more information showing up all the
time on water and I am sure as we demand it better systems to purify and produce clean water will become more and more available
and accessible but we must make it happen and demand the change.

We also have a responsibility to the worlds water supply one which many of us missed somehow, I know I did for years, I was
unaware I was adding to the problem every time I washed chemicals down my drain or poured paint down the drain every time I
used bought and threw away products made of chemicals which once in the water supply are very hard to remove. So I would
encourage everyone of you to ask yourself if you would drink it before you wash with it pour it down the drain or use a chemical to
clean your house, body or car, now there are many products available which you could drink and clean with and it won't poison you
or others down the line. It's our responsibility to clean up the mess we made and make the change happen.

Next on the New Pyramid I would place movement and breathing, because as energy and energetic beings stagnation and not
breathing enough deep enough or often enough is very harmful to the nervous system our mental and emotional stability amongst
other things. On a daily basis we need to find a way to move somehow and to breathe deeply and try to make sure we are always
breathing in deeply. Sometimes I get so busy with life its hard to get to go running or dancing or practice yoga, but I try to move as
much as possible even if its little spurts of running up the stairs or down the hallway. Many of us have a hard time with our work our
friends lovers hobbies and other time commitments to move to go work out to take a walk dance or swim but our bodies weren't
meant to never move and so as important as water is movement and breathing are right up there with it. Breathing is another crucial
fact in our health, we often breath in very shallowly which causes us to always be needing more oxygen, our cells don't function very
well without oxygen and our body doesn't function very well without our cells functioning, and so I would encourage all of you to
practice deep breathing as much as possible. Being a singer my vocal coaches helped me understand the importance of breath as well
as how to breath deeply, I also searched in the world of meditation and yoga to expand my understanding of the breath. From every
world and everything I have been able to find practicing breathing deeply on a regular basis has many upsides and very few

Deep breathing calms the system relaxes the nervous system helps with digestion, centering, and overall health. Its free its easy and
you can do it anywhere, when your at work in the car at your desk just tune into your breath and notice if its deep or shallow if its
shallow just take it deeper and slower. The more you practice deep breathing the more it becomes natural. If you find yourself getting
angry or sad often deep breathing can help move through those emotions and release any energy that needs to be released. I have
found many men and women don't breathe, I often put my hand on their lower abdomen and encourage them to breathe there for if
you're breathing deep enough to move my hand then you're breathing. I feel part of the reason its hard for people to breath deeply
here is the constant over stimulation from the media, Internet, EMF, cell phones, wireless, TV, signals, and overall noise, which is
energy and I feel can cause the body to contract and react to it as stress, danger , or being under pressure which signals the fight or
flight response which I feel many of us are constantly in that state unconsciously. When working with people in the healing
department one of the things I try to encourage is deep breathing, releasing, feelings , thoughts, letting go. For the more deep
breathing you do the more you are counter acting the fight or flight reaction.

I found often when I breath in deeply I am able to release energy exchange energy and have a very strong and clear channel of
energy. When I stop that breathing and switch into fight or flight mode my energy weakens. In tantra both the sexual and non sexual
practice breathing is a center piece in order to move and exchange energy. Some of the most intense beautiful and spiritual
experiences I have had were heavily related to breathing, for when two people can synch their breath and allow energy to flow and be
exchanged something beautiful and magical happens. Just as water may be one of the ways we are physically and spiritually
connected breathe is another one of those connectors. The benefits of tuning into breathing, and energy are massive and can be used
to move energy within your own body and to help heal yourself, to enhance and connect in your sexual exchanges, and to be more
present and in the now with your daily lives. Sadly the educational system doesn't teach breathing classes or how to use energy in a
loving or healing way, but the more we learn hopefully the more we will collectively exchange this information and energy. I would
encourage everyone one to try putting your hand on your lower abdominal region nightly and first thing in the morning and just center
yourself in your breath there. I would also encourage you to tune into the energy flow within your body and how with your breath
you can move it, expand it, work through any blocks you may have. If you are close to someone you love and trust you can tune into
and synch breathing, then once that happens if you just let go and be in the moment often you can start to feel the energy exchange. I
remember as a little girl with my best friend when we would hold our hands apart from each other about six inches and I could feel
his energy and he could feel mine without touching. Then when I was with one of my girlfriends years later I had my first experience
of circling energy through breathing and energy exchange, since then I have explored many aspects of breath energy and our
exchange of it .

We can use our energy, breath and love to heal, love, and nurture each other, in ways that go beyond sex, in ways which I feel we
were all meant to nurture each other, from a deep spiritual, physical level, which goes beyond just action and into intention moved
through breath and flesh. Breathing, Water, Movement, and love and exchanging love are the foundation of the New Pyramid ,  
before we even tackle food and what we eat we need to build a foundation of intention and core elements of life. For if we do not
breath move or hydrate anything else we add to our bodies minds and souls will not be utilized fully or properly. I am always trying to
remember how to breath, to move and to build a foundation from core elements. I am always trying and its always in progress,
sometimes I tune into my breathing and notice I am hardly breathing, sometimes I realize I forgot to drink water. With all of these
things I just try to keep trying. For its all a process and it's the journey and the experience that is our teacher.  I will continue this later
:) its pretty late and I need to get enough sleep and spend sometime breathing.

Jillian Ann
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