The New York Optimist
Artist Statement

I use art as a vehicle for me to share the
ideas in my head with the outside world.  

Painting is my way to express how I
understand beauty and sexuality as defined
in our culture and I get great satisfaction
and mental therapy in the actual process of
creating.  As you will notice most of my
work exemplifies texture and patterns. I
create 3-d spaces on relatively flat surfaces
to bring the viewer into rich believable
worlds.  Frequent materials found in my
paintings are: fabrics made of velvet, satin
and fur, cut paper, wood, ribbon and real
jewels.  The subjects in my painting
collection mostly explore female forms and
I work both from live models and
pictures.  They  are luring, seductive and
relaxing in elegant environments. The
patterns and v-like composition angles are
meant to create complexity and keep the
eye moving in the paintings.  

When I work with my subjects there is
some recognition or self-reflection that
seems to take place. There is a great push
and pull in how I view them in the fiction
of perfection and the fact that is exactly
what society wants from people. It
encompasses everything used and desired
in a commercial realm with a twist of new
life and character. I am intrigued by
delicate gestures, perfect hair, inviting
smiles, desire and fantasy, and hint of
invitation behind their eyes.  On a deeper
level I see isolation or hope in them
sometimes although most viewers are
captivated by the sensual fantasy element.
They are my living Barbie dolls. My vision
for future collections is to develop these
themes and explore other relationships with
life. Creating this art means everything to
me and I hope you enjoy it.  Thank you for
viewing my work.

Professional Information

Jennifer Avelon holds a B.A. from Miami
University, Oxford OH.  She has also taken
design classes at the Fashion Institute of
Technology (NYC) and advanced painting
classes at the School of Visual Arts
(NYC).  Today, Jennifer is a full time artist
living in New York City.  She recently
illustrated and published an independent
comic novel which was produced as a
short film.

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Artist in Review: Jennifer Avelon (Written By
Jamesson Beane) 9/2/08

Strap on your seatbelts! Jennifer Avelon is an artist
who has burst onto the scene with works that are
sometimes visceral, at other times seductive and at all
times in your face. Whether she’s tackling religious
archetypes in black and white (i.e. “The Crowd is
Coming”) or celebrating the female form with candid
eroticism (i.e. “Lounging in Lavendar”), Avelon’s
vision is daring, passionate and full of life.

Avelon expresses a quiet creativity in many of her
sketch works, including the captivating “The Crowd is
Coming,” which depicts a moment preceding Christ’s
hanging on the cross. With one hand covering his face, Jesus stares directly at the spectator with a
look that cries out for compassion while a menacing crowd of anonymous faces lingers in the
background. The image is haunting in its simplicity, drawing the viewer in with a raw subtlety that’s
both fascinating and unnerving.  Perhaps the most exciting pieces from Avelon’s current body of work
are her pin-up images, which celebrate the female form with pop art sentiments and eye catching
colors. The images literally explode off the canvas due in part to Avelon’s inclusion of actual pieces of
material on the canvas, including silk fabric, nail files and other such 3-Dimensional touches.

“Beauty Shop” could easily brighten up any salon with its playful beauties relaxing in bikinis while
inviting the viewer to step into their world. “Telephone” features a stunning beauty holding a phone
with contrasting fabric accents in the wallpaper and the model’s lingerie. And in “Smoking Again,” a
seductive female figure stares at the viewer with cigarette in hand, beckoning him or her on a ride of
sin much like a femme fatale out of a 1940s film noir.

Avelon shows a range in her work that proves she is a force to be reckoned with in the art world. She
tackles matters of the heart, spirituality and sexuality with a fresh approach and a keen sense of wonder
and excitement. This is one journey that is certainly just beginning, so jump on her train of creativity as
it tunnels full steam ahead.