The New York Optimist
February 2009
Summer Programs, Grades 3-6, Girls
Musician: Jenn Vix
Providence, R.I.-native Jenn Vix spent much of her teenage
years as a runaway in New York City before settling back
in her home state to pursue a career in music. The singer
finally connected with a guitarist and released her self-titled
debut album on her own label, Umbrella. Without the funds
to aggressively promote her new release, Vix caught a huge
break when her album was reviewed in Rolling Stone
magazine. This album was mastered by Dave Shirk; who's
mastered many well known albums. By December of 1997,
Vix was recording her second album, Hope Springs
Nocturnal; released in 1999.
Jenn's third album, "3", released on November 28, 2003,
has received rave reviews, including a 5 star review in
Gothic Beauty magazine.

She's currently mixing her fourth album, titled "Electric