For Jeff Breed, life is art. The 35-year-old artist was born in NYC and grew up on the floor of his father’s metal working shop in suburban New Jersey. Working
there with the available materials and products, he developed a proclivity for fabricating three-dimensional structures.

His first foray into the world of art and design occurred when he attended a summer session at Cornell University. There, he studied architecture and, though
fascinated with building design, he found himself more drawn to painting and sculpture. These pursuits led him to enroll at Colorado State U. and South Oregon
State U. before receiving a BFA in painting from the prestigious Art Department at Syracuse University. While there, he also had access to one of the nation’s finest
sculptural facilities and his early passion for metals presaged great potential for him in the medium. This passion was further fueled by a summer abroad in Florence
studying Renaissance Masters and the interplay between painting and sculpture. At the conclusion of his studies, Breed moved to his family home in Vermont, to
work at discovering his stylistic “voice” and his place in the art world.

Almost immediately, he was commissioned to produce large installations for private and commercial clients. His first project was part of a long-running installation
at the Carousel Mall in Syracuse, NY. His ongoing desire to evolve as an artist made his next move inevitable. In 1992, he returned to New York City and got right
to work designing and building a Manhattan nightclub called Steel Republic. Working in an art gallery in the early Nineties, he became familiarized with the ins and
outs of the art world and made the acquaintance of diverse artists, collectors and gallery owners.

Breed’s work incorporates all of the diverse media and influences cited herein. These include: metals, lights, sounds, acrylics, oils, spray paint, found objects, junk,
and motion.

Aesthetically, he is a true post-modernist , incorporating traditional “classical” modes of
composition and abstraction , as well as the collage influences of ready-mades, combines, and graffiti.

His work has been featured in numerous exhibitions and galleries, including the Lucky Strike European Art Tour 2003, Southern Vermont Arts Center. The Outdoor
Sculpture Gardens in Lawrence, Kansas, The Dumbo Arts Project in Brooklyn, NY and the Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation Benefit Auction in East Hampton,

He is also a guest lecturer at institutions including Syracuse University and The San Francisco Art Institute.
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Jeff Breed
The New York Optimist
January 2009