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Hiroshi Watanabe, Photographer
I go to places that captivate and intrigue me. I am
interested in what humans do. I seek to capture
people, traditions, and locales that first and foremost
are of personal interest. I immerse myself with
information on the places prior to leaving, but I try to
avoid firm, preconceived ideas. I strive for both
calculation and discovery in my work, keeping my
mind open for surprises. At times, I envision images I’
d like to capture, but when I actually look through the
viewfinder, my mind goes blank and I photograph
whatever catches my eye. Photographs I return with
are usually different from my original concepts. My
photographs reflect both genuine interest in my subject
as well as a respect for the element of serendipity,
while other times I seek pure beauty. The pure
enjoyment of this process drives and inspires me. I
believe there’s a thread that connects all of my work
-- my personal vision of the world as a whole. I make
every effort to be a faithful visual recorder of the
world around me, a world in flux that, at very least in
my mind, deserves preservation.
Ryota Nakajima as Mannojo, Matsuo Kabuki