The New York Optimist
July 2008, Vol. 01: Issue 01
Haim Bargig
Haim Bargig Website and gallery
When Art Appears
                  A story about a photographer: Haim Bargig
                                      By Jason Chase

Any where at anytime you may meet a person who can changes things.
The way you see them the way you think about them and how you perceive things in general.  These changes
can also occur from reading a book watching a movie or listening to music. Of course there is also the viewing
of art in photographs paintings

Or any other visual based medium. It started for me at a very young age the ability to escape into the fantastic
and find the hero within. A friend of the family owned a magazine / candy store and their son and I would go
there to visit once a week and eat bubblegum all day in the stock room reading comic books and magazines.

I remember the first time I spotted Bruce Lee on the cover of one of the magazines in the store I was
immediately hypnotized by the image of this Asian man in a black kung fu uniform with his dark hair and
chiseled features striking a pose in a scene from Return of The Dragon. This was the first true significant
change in my life and I pestered my mother to get me everything possible with Bruce Lee in it Lunch Box
magazines comic books costumes posters toys and everything I could find with his image.

My mom was so supportive and I have to admit she spoiled me when it came to things like this, I saw every
movie that was playing with him she sent me to Kung Fu Lessons at the age of 5 and I had an authentic Chinese
Kung Fu Uniform and for several Halloweens take a guess who I dressed up as. As I grew up my love for him
has not changed one bit
And I still love Bruce Lee, all of this from an
image on the cover of a magazine.

That’s the power of photography and images.
Every country in the world uses images to send a
message to the people why do you think the Flags

Symbolism can create a way of thinking and it has
been the foundation of human education since day

In this magazine I am able to take part in the
artistic world and process that John Sebastian has
created and I am also able to contribute to the
magazine by providing artists and music and
reviews on many subjects.

Being an on the town reporter I run into all kinds
of great people and get to see art in the making, as
I sat at the bar after a movie opening for some
film maker friends of mine Alex and Jodi Prokop
(Jarek Kupsc) Director writer and actor.
Question authority at all times. Just because someone has the power to make a rule, doesn’t mean that you should live by it, and that goes double for anything
that you read in the newspaper or hear on the news. And I did begin to question things there at the bar talking to the bartender Tom as he served the thirsty
crowd of revelers. A girl with a tattoo of a dragon sat next to me and we had a conversation about art before she rushed off to meet her roommate,
to go back to Williamsburg together. Then a very interesting gentleman sat next to me, he was with two women from German, and he introduced himself,   
hello my name is Haim Bargig and I introduced myself and told him that I worked for a magazine called The New York Optimist   and he said
Great!!! I am a photographer. Of course you can see in this feature that he is a very talented photographer and The New York Optimist will be featuring his
work in the next upcoming issues. But change is as simple as that you meet someone in a bar randomly and that person is now showing his photographs to a
whole new audience of viewers that will take away from the viewing of these photos a new perspective on things. Haim it is a pleasure to feature your work and
on behalf of The New York Optimist, we salute your creative vision.     
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By the way the movie was called The
Reflecting Pool and thanks partly to The New
York Optimist the closing night for the film
was sold out and more importantly because it
was a well made engaging movie about the
possibility’s of why 9/11 took place, the
premier was featured at The Pioneer located
on 3rd Street and Avenue A.  So there I was
after the movie sitting at the bar two blocks
away at Bar 2A on second street and Avenue
A, a two floor neighborhood bar that’s been
in business longer than almost any other bar
restaurant in the area, contemplating the ideas
and implications of what the message this
movie was sending to its viewers.